Josh Reddick's taste in music is a first-pitch popup

Josh Reddick's taste in music is a first-pitch popup
May 14, 2014, 9:15 pm
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Josh Reddick's musical taste is a first-pitch popup after the opposing pitcher has walked the previous three hitters on 13 pitches
Ray Ratto

Either Josh Reddick is so cool that he can do the eardrum-lacerating “Careless Whisper” thing without having people hurl iPods, boom boxes and small car radios at him, he is diabolically pranking the hell out of all of us, or his musical taste is a first-pitch popup after the opposing pitcher has walked the previous three hitters on 13 pitches.

Then again, this is the same team that fetishized the largely annoying Bernie Lean two years ago, so clearly the stadium DJ is not a sufficient enough market inefficiency for Billy Beane yet.

Still, George Michael is the musical equivalent of denying the validity of OPS.


In other baseball news, many of the same people who applauded when Bruce Bochy told catcher Buster Posey to stop blocking the plate now have turned on Posey because he hasn’t blocked the plate in two recent games. Don’t we all long for the simpler days when Scott Cousins eliminated all this troubling ambiguity?


The Washington Wizards have extended their series against the quadri-polar Indiana Pacers to a sixth game in the Verizon Center, which if course scares the holy hell out of Wizards center and god of the spoken word Marcin Gortat, who told CSN Mid-Atlantic’s Chris Miller:

“I’m glad I was part of that team that won today and dominated, but again, we can’t get excited,” Gortat said after the Wiz dope-slapped the Indianae, 102-79. “We can’t get excited. We gotta do the same thing in D.C. (and) it’s not gonna be easy. It sounds crazy, but unfortunately we gonna play at home. And everybody knows how we play at home. So it’s gonna be tough, but we gotta win it.”

The Wizards had the worst home record of any playoff team (22-19), and are 1-3 in the postseason, so by all means get your tickets early for Thursday’s showdown. It ought to be an ungodly mess. And tell ‘em ‘Tat sent you.


The Atlanta Braves issued the drawings for their new not-in-Atlanta-anymore stadium, and it looks like part Veterans Stadium (foul ground seating contours), part Polo Grounds (the silly overhang) but a lot like both the A’s ballpark drawings in Fremont and San Jose as well as the Warriors’ Pier 30/32 arena plan.

The last three, of course, because the first never happened, the second is as close to dead as dead can be, and the third because it will drastically scaled down by the time shovel meets dirt.

And when the Braves draw 21,488 on their second night in the new place, someone will question the wisdom of a suburban park at all. Yay progress!


Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg and Mets infielder Lucas Duda both claimed they got food poisoning from the CitiField Shake Shack stand, which of course caused the Mets to defend themselves by (a) ignoring the Sandberg part entirely, because Phillies apparently should take their chances and die when need be, and (b) claiming that Duda got sick because he got his burger from a Shake Shack that wasn’t at the stadium.

So, why is Duda eating burgers from Shake Shack at all if the body is the temple of the first baseman’s soul and all that (the question is rhetorical, so don’t bother), and how happy is Shake Shack that the Mets inadvertently called into question a second franchise?


So just as we suspected, David Ortiz has powers beyond those of mortal men. After his blooper that landed untouched during Yu Darvish’s attempted perfect game last Friday was ruled an error, scorer Steve Weller went to the Elias Sports Bureau for further guidance. Elias said the call was reasonable and let it stand, but Ortiz appealed to Major League Baseball and got the call reversed to a hit.

Now if this had been Alex Rodriguez, MLB would have bought Weller’s scoresheets surreptitiously, and maybe even Weller himself, and then lied about having done so. Different issues need different levels of care.


And finally, Michael Sam gets a reality show before a roster spot, and at the risk of seeming unfeeling in this breakthrough saga, I’m so much more interested in the second than the first that he could announce the winning lottery numbers a week ahead of time on his show and I still wouldn’t buy a ticket.

Hey, I didn’t watch Duck Dynasty either, so it ain’t political. I'm just against reality.

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