Kings' Evans, not Curry for rookie honors

March 3, 2010, 5:56 pm
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I dont like to be the one who brings bad news to Warriors fans. But there's something that needs to be addressed before it goes any further.You're hearing it more and more these days, whether it's on Warriors broadcasts or here and there on the radio. And you're seeing it, too, every once in a while on the Internet and in newspapers.There seems to be some buzz -- in the Bay Area anyway -- that Warriors guard Stephen Curry is putting some pressure on Sacramento's Tyreke Evans for the NBA's Rookie of the Year Award.Sorry. Not a chance. How do I know? Because I've been hearing the Curry talk, too, and decided to solicit some information from the people who really matter when it comes to this issue: the media.Writers make the call on the Rookie of the Year award. And they're the ones saying Evans is a lock. In fact, the real competition seems to be for second place, between Curry and Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings.Here's a sampling of what various writers from around the country said when I asked them if Curry was making any headway on Evans.Central Division beat writer: "Curry is a distant third behind Evans and Jennings. The other two guys have better numbers, except Jennings' shooting percentage, and the Warriors have a worse record than the Kings and Bucks."National Internet writer: "Curry has too much ground to make up - better chance of Jennings catching Evans because of Bucks success." writer: "Curry has been nothing short of brilliant now that we've gotten the full scope of what he can do. But Evans has been leading the pack for so long it would take a solid month-and-a-half of lights-out performance from Curry and a major meltdown from Evans for me to consider moving Curry ahead of Evans."Southeast Division beat writer: "No doubt Curry deserves serious consideration. I think Evans is still the front-runner, but it's a closer race than ever between him, Curry and Jennings.One wild card: If Bucks make the playoffs, does that become the tie-breaker for Jennings in a close race?National Internet writer: "Evans has the award locked up. With Curry's recent outburst, you could definitely make the case he's surpassed Jennings for the No. 2 spot. I just don't see any way he beats out Evans, who's basically averaging 20-5-5."If he can finish there, he'll do something that only three rookies have done in the history of the league: Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, LeBron James."Northwest Division beat writer: "Evans is the runaway winner. I'd put Curry second over Jennings, who has faded after his initial burst."National Internet writer: "The trophy already has Evans' name on it. That's a no-brainer. I do see Curry having a good chance overtaking Jennings for second."Central Division beat writer: "I think Evans is clearly in the league, but Curry might have moved into second place. Jennings has dropped off a bit in my eyes after the fabulous start. Curry is definitely making a strong push at the right time, but will have a hard time catching Evans." writer: "Right now I'd put Curry third but moving up with a quarter of the season to go. Not fully decided yet."

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