Knicks F Kenyon Martin not a fan of sleeved jerseys

Knicks F Kenyon Martin not a fan of sleeved jerseys
February 18, 2014, 7:30 pm
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If David Stern were still around, Martin's company uniform would be brown, as in UPS.
Ray Ratto

New York Knick Kenyon Martin was on the right side of the issue, but he’ll be getting some backsass for this anyway, from TMZ:

“I think (sleeved jerseys) are WNBA jerseys. We had to wear them on Christmas, so I had to go with it. That’s the job. You gotta wear the company uniform.”

Martin will probably be fined by new commissioner Adam Silver for dissing another part of the company, but Martin is lucky. If David Stern were still around, Martin's company uniform would be brown, as in UPS.


Guess who’s interested in buying Newcastle United, according to The Independent? No, guess. Seriously. Take a stab at it.

Yeah. Vince McMahon. That sound you hear now is Loic Remy and Cheikh Tiote learning to hit opposing players with folding chairs.


New Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon, experienced with massive media presence by his years in Pittsburgh, is already busting out his best sound bites, to wit:

“Part of the message is, ‘I love you, but if you can’t get it done, I’ll get somebody who can.’”

And then: “Any time someone attacks one of my players, I'm going to defend him. And if you don't like it, tough s---.”

Maybe he wouldn’t be so touchy if he had a Mr. Potato Head night scheduled this year, like Tampa Bay’s Joe Maddon.


Every day in every way, the other major team sports are stealing ideas from the NHL, hence Gregg Popovich announcing that guard Tony Parker will be out for a bit with “a variety of maladies.” Some are clearly lower body and others are upper body, so we can rule out his waist.

In other vague injury news, Los Angeles Clipper J J Redick will miss about a month with what was described as an assortment of injuries. The problem is that ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne got unnecessarily specific, citing Redick’s hip, back & shoulder as issues. Upper body, lower body, and depending on the area of the back injury, the middle body as well.



Kevin Durant admits, “I know it’s kind of weird to make your own nickname,” but he likes the nickname “The Servant.” He went vague so that DC Comics wouldn’t sue him for using “Alfred The Butler.”


Miami forward Chris Andersen cut his Mohawk for the only real reason anyone ever cuts a Mohawk. “Less maintenance,” he told Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. You hope he never needs to get rid of his tattoos for reasons of aerodynamics.


Good one, Bill: NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in Sochi before the Olympic tournament, “As a practical business matter, for the clubs individually, the Olympics have no tangible positive effect.” This sounds like posturing, but Daly is actually saying the NHL doesn’t get a cut of the action. It will before Pyeongchang, though, or I overestimate the owners’ ability to hear a quarter hit an eiderdown pillow in an adjoining hotel.


The Warriors’ decomposing disco ball is trending on Indiana's basketball game against Iowa was postponed after a piece of metal fell from the ceiling of Assembly Hall and into seats before the game.


It looks like Coachella Valley High School is about to change its longtime school mascot. The New York Times’ Sarah Wheaton reported the school has worked out a deal with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to change “Arabs” after objections to “the sneering, crooked-nosed figure.”

“A lot of us were confused, shocked, a little angry,” Chrystabelle Ramirez, the senior class president, told the Times, “because it’s like you’re taking away our mascot, something we take pride in because we all grew up in this community.” She is a member of the committee to redesign the mascot, is the official Princess Dunyazade of the festival, one of three winners of the Queen Scheherazade pageant, and the Times said, “She spoke from the bleachers in a stadium on the fairgrounds, where she had gamely chased an emu around a racetrack while wearing a costume reminiscent of Princess Jasmine’s in the Disney movie ‘Aladdin.’”

Sounds like her argument just got torpedoed in mid-parade.


And finally, in case you’re still flummoxed by where the A’s, Raiders and Warriors will play by the end of the decade, venture capitalist Tim Draper of Silicon Valley has begun to petition (807,000 signatures by August) a November ballot measure that would divide California into six states.

This opens the opportunity for each team to play in a state capital – just as long as none of them are San Jose.

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