Westbrook on Pachulia's flagrant foul: 'I'm going to get his ass back'

Westbrook on Pachulia's flagrant foul: 'I'm going to get his ass back'

Late in the first half of Wednesday's game between the Warriors and Thunder, Russell Westbrook collided with Zaza Pachulia.

Pachulia appeared to hit Westbrook in the face. The Thunder guard hit the floor and rolled around for a few seconds before bouncing back up.

The officials reviewed the play and assessed a flagrant foul on Pachulia.

After the game, Westbrook was asked about his vantage point on the play and he didn't hold back.

"I don't know. He me kind of hard. But it's alright. I'm going to get his ass back. Straight up," Westbrook said.

He was then asked if he noticed Pachulai standing over him.

"I didn't see that until just now, but I don't play that game. I'm going to get his ass back. Whenever that is, I don't know, but I don't play that game," Westbrook said.

Westbrook's comments were brought to Pachulia after the game and the Warriors center offered this rebuttal.

"I can't worry about that kind of comment. I'm part of an amazing team and we have a great goal of winning a championship. I'm all in with my energy, 100 percent. So we're thinking about this team, staying healthy, moving forward, getting better, getting to the playoffs and playing for the championship. That's what I'm thinking about. I'm not thinking about those kind of comments. That team is not there, so they may be thinking about other stuff like getting me back. Okay, you can get me back. But again, it's my 14th year, we all know what my game is, to play hard, not dirty. If it was a hard foul, it was a hard foul. It wasn't dirty at all. I'm not worried about this," Pachulia told the media.

Westbrook will get that chance on February 11 when the Warriors travel to Oklahoma City.

Warriors F David West suffered fractured thumb vs Thunder

Warriors F David West suffered fractured thumb vs Thunder

The Warriors beat the Thunder Wednesday night, but they lost key role-player David West to non-displaced fracture in his left thumb.

Initially, the Warriors announced that West had suffered a contusion, but an X-ray revealed the fracture.

The team announced that West will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

Steve Kerr addressed West's injury after the game and how it might impact the Warriors' rotations.

"It's a big loss. David has been fantastic. He's been playing so well and he's really a big part of our second unit, you know, beginning of second and fourth quarters. We've been really good making a push with that group and he's a big part. We run a lot of our offense through him. So, we'll see. You may see (Kevon) Looney, you may see us change our rotation a little bit, but we'll have to talk about it and figure it out," Kerr said.

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