Milestones awaiting Quakes?

October 19, 2012, 6:55 am
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October 21st, 2012 could easily be seen as thegreatest day in Earthquakes history -- and that's even if they weren't playing for thesupporters shield for being the best team in the league.

But considering both possibilities that day, it has thechance to be epic.The day will be full. At noon, the Earthquakes will be attempting to set a world record forthe largest gathering to participate in a ground breaking ceremony.
The club purchased 6,000 shovels todistribute to fans who signed up to break the world groundbreaking record which stands at 4,532 for an event in Japan. As of now, the Quakes have over 5,500 people signed up, and areasking people to bring their own shovels in case they get more people than theyhave, well, shovels.Then, at 4pm, the Quakes will host their heated rival, the LA Galaxy. The game has been sold out for weeks, so ifyou dont have tickets, you'll have to catch it on CSN California.
San Joses Chris Wondolowski needs two goalsto tie Roy Lassiters season record of 27, which has stood for 16 years. Wondolowski, in particular, has a flair for the dramatic.
So muchso, a Wondo hat-trick to break the record and clinch the supporters shield onthe same day the club sets a record for the largest ground breaking in thehistory of the world would seem almost appropriate.
Its not as crazyas it sounds, especially considering the storybook way the June 30thmeeting with the Galaxy went at Stanford Stadium. One of the ironies is the increased capacity of the new stadiumis this: It may be the source of income the team is going to need to be able to retain theservices of the leagues most prolific scorer the last three years in Wondolowski.
Amidst all of the clutter of baseball playoffs, NFL regularseason and the coming of the NBA season, do yourself a favor and watch theamazing momentum this organization is building as a model franchise with afoundation for prolonged success.