Monta Ellis Takes the Blame

January 13, 2010, 12:04 am
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The day after the timeout that wasnt, Warriors guard MontaEllis took the blame.
Here was the situation the Warriors were down 117-114 to Cleveland, andLeBron James missed a shot with a little over five seconds remaining and Elliscame down with the rebound.Rather than rush upcourt, Ellis looked over to the bench tosee if coach Don Nelson wanted a timeout. While a precious second or two ranoff the clock, Nelson implored Ellis to push it upcourt.
By the time Ellis did, all he could muster in the frontcourtwas a pass to Stephen Curry, who missed badly on a 35-footer.Its over with now, Ellis said at practice on Tuesday.Theres nothing we can do.Theres no way we can change it. I think its me. Ive got to pay moreattention to the huddle because I asked a couple of guys and they said the samething -- that coach said if we got the ball just push it down and try to get ashot.
But I wasnt aware of that and it was on me. Like I said,aint nothing to talk about, just got to pay more attention. Nelson was surprised there was confusion. Not only did heremind his players during the timeout to push the ball upcourt, but thatspretty much his longstanding rule late in a game when you need a bucket in ahurry.
We caught the ball at the 3-point mark on the defensive endwith seven seconds to go, Nelson said. There shouldnt be a question. Werepushing that, especially when you need a 3 before they can set their halfcourtdefense, before they can foul. You might just walk into one.Thats your best chance. You would think Monta would knowthat playing for me all these years that I like to push it. But it didnthappen. We missed a couple of seconds and that probably hurt us a little bit.But its not big deal. Hell know it the next time.
--Center Ronny Turiaf didnt practice on Tuesday afterspraining his right ankle in Mondays game. He is listed as day-to-day, butNelson sounded as if Turiaf wouldnt be able to play Wednesday against Miami.I dont think so, but you never know, Nelson said. Hesactually walking just OK this morning. Hell get some treatment and well see.-- Matt Steinmetz

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