Mychael Urban Nov. 23 MLB chat transcript


Mychael Urban Nov. 23 MLB chat transcript

Nov. 23, 2010

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Mychael Urban CSN
Aubrey Huff: signed, sealed, delivered. Let's do this ...From Nick
Had you heard of any other offers submitted to Huff from other teams?Mychael Urban CSN
I have. None surpassing what he got. That was always the deal: as long as the Giants could match the best offer Huff got, he was coming back. And they did.Mychael Urban CSN
So he did.From Guest
any word on Juan Uribe yet? whats the holdup? SS market is limited it seemsMychael Urban CSN
The holdup is that the Giants are exploring trade options to fill the void at SS, and paying for a starting shortstop for a World Series winner vs. a third basemanutility man is significant.From Dan
Also, What about Brandon Belt. Any Chance of seeing Huff in the outfield and Belt on first?-- POLL QUESTION --

This text be replaced with poll. To remove properly, delete this text INCLUDING start and end characters.Mychael Urban CSN
Not out of camp, no. Later in the year, depending on circumstances, yes. Those circumstances include Belt tearing up Triple-A and the Giants needing an offensive boost andor an outfielder of note.From electric
Are you stoked? Seemed like you got along well enough with Huff-daddy, as a journalist covering the team it's got to be a good thing for a developing relationship, right?Mychael Urban CSN
It's always nice to have a good relationship with the guys you cover, and Aubrey is one of the most engaging, accessible and personable guys I've covered in my 20 years in journalism. I think he's a hell of a baseball player, I like him a lot personally, and it's always nice to see good things happen to good people.From Logan
Tell us about Barry Zito's thoughts on the Huff extension.Mychael Urban CSN
I know you're looking for an irreverent answer to that, but it just doesn't feel right. I haven't spoken to Barry in a few days, but I do know that he thinks the world of Huff as a teammate so I'm sure he's thrilled. Huff is one of the most universally liked clubhouse guys I've ever seen in baseball -- Giambi-esque that way. Ironic that they both have thongs as part of their story.From Nick
Is Bartlett the main SS target through a trade, or have you been hearing any other names kicked around as serious possibilities?Mychael Urban CSN
I can't say with any certainty at all who's the top trade target at that position, but I'd like to think it's a bigger name than Bartlett. That's not to say I don't like his game; I do.From SF Mully
Does the idea of trading for a SS seem more risky than over-paying for Uribe? Barlett was a one-year offensive wonder and his s last year were booty. Additionally, there is a log-jam in the OF again with DeRosa back...where does he fit in?Mychael Urban CSN
DeRosa is a better infielder than outfielder. He's a utility guy at best right now, in my opinion.Mychael Urban CSN
And what's overpaying for Uribe?From Dan
Should we expect that Burrell isn't coming back in Orange and black?Mychael Urban CSN
I think he wants very badly to come back, and Huff's return surely intensifies that feeling. But he's not going to get much guaranteed money. I wouldn't say you SHOULDN'T expect him back, but it would be a mild surprise to me.From Brian
Don Nomura mentioned the A's going after Beltre as a "PR move," and with things going the way they are with Iwakuma, it's looking like that may fall through as well. Do you think the A's are serious about picking up Beltre? In addition, do you think the A's are really done with trying to sign Iwakuma?Mychael Urban CSN
The A's are dad serious about adding Beltre, and the more I hear from Nomura, the more I think he's way over his head when it comes to dealing with big-league negotiations in the U.S. ... Dude needs to pipe down and try to get his client a deal; what the A's are offering is more than fair for an unproven import, and yes, they're serious about getting him, too.From john izumi
what up urbs, huff 10 mil a year, thats to much, and i thinks its a excuse not to sign crawford, but thats my opionion.Mychael Urban CSN
So you think the Giants would overpay one guy as a ploy to cry poor regarding signing another? Is this Mel Gibson?Mychael Urban CSN
Carl Crawford is not signing with the Giants unless something REALLY nutty happens, people. Giving Huff 10 million for two years vs. giving Crawford more than 100 over five years is not an "excuse." It's business.From Dan
in the 1 in 7 billion chance Jeter doesn't get a satisfactory offer from the pinstripes, how would you feel about the Giants making an offer and could they even afford him?Mychael Urban CSN
If his agent sticks to saying 21 million a year is "baffling," nobody will sign Jeter. He's not worth that to anyone but the Yankees.From Talent Dave
Do the Giants have the funds to try to add a legit power bat?Mychael Urban CSN
What's a legit power bat to you? Only one I see out there is Adam Dunn, and he's a first baseman. Huff re-signing pretty much eliminates that possibility; I don't think Huff came back to be a regular outfielder.From Mike
And starting at 3rd base for the A's in 2011 is......?Mychael Urban CSN
If I had to put money on it, I'd say Kevin Kouzmanoff.From SF Mully
The assumption being...if Uribe has multiple offers and is truly a hot commodity in weak SS market, he uses the same tactics as Huff...the Giants will match the top offer...they could be over-paying. Is that more risky than dealing young players for mediocre SS...I would rather over-pay Uribe in a deal structured similarly to Huffs.Mychael Urban CSN
There are some good shortstops out there who might be available via trade. Reyes of the Mets, Rollins of the Phillies. Longshots, sure, but you'd rather have them at short than Uribe. I'd like to see the Giants get a legit SS somehow -- Sandoval has value out there -- and re-sign Uribe to play third.From Justin
Who will be 2011's scrap heap pickup of the year?Mychael Urban CSN
I'm assuming you mean in all of baseball, and I'm sticking with Carlos Pena.From Paul S
Does Castilla have any trade value ?Mychael Urban CSN
Absolutely, but I wouldn't deal him. He finally showed some guts to go with his filth this year. He's a keeper.From Logan
What does the club think about Ryan Rohlinger? He quietly had a pretty good year in AAA, and he could fill the utility role if Uribe walks, right? Would he be in the mix to be the shortstop? Maybe in a platoon with Fontenot?Mychael Urban CSN
They don't want anything to do with a platoon at short.From john izumi
hey urbs, any trade talk going on with rowand, zito or anyone else?Mychael Urban CSN
Zito will make about 57.5 million over the next three years, guaranteed, and Rowand will make 24 million over the next two years. Nobody is going to trade for those contracts unless the Giants eat massive chunks of them, and that's not going to happen, either.From Eric
Mota is in free agency. I'm thinking Kenny Powers as a reliever?Mychael Urban CSN
I like it. He'd look sick with the Wilson beard.Mychael Urban CSN
And can you imagine him punching out Casey Blake and walking him back to the Dodgers dugout with his catchphrase?From electric
Carl Crawford.. Anything there? I would love to see him break Chief Wilson's 1912 record for most triples in a season wearing our the AT&T gaps...Mychael Urban CSN
Nothing there, but yeah, that record might fall here with Crawford. He's the most underrated player of the past five years by far.From Nick
Any updates on Panda's training?Mychael Urban CSN
He's decided to stay in Arizona this winter instead of the original plan of staying in San Diego. He won't be under direct suprervision of the club, but there will be regular weigh-ins, etc. ... If I'm in charge, I don't supervise him at all. I want to see, once and for all, if this guy has the dedication it takesa to be an elite athlete. If he does, he'll come to camp in fighting shape whether he has a baby-sitter this winter or not.From Paul S
When Sabean says they need to re-arrange money, any chance Torres gets non-tendered? After all he is going on 32 and just had a career year.Mychael Urban CSN
I don't think so. That would be pretty cold, and while I know this is a business, the Giants don't often do cold. I don't know what he meant by saying re-arrange money; that's not easy to do in the big leagues. Maybe he's thinking he can get Zito or Rowand to re-structure their deals, a la Bonds a while back, to defer some salary. That's a risky move, thoughFrom john izumi
all im sayin urbs, that id rather pay crawford 20 mil a year than huff, uribe for the same amount!!!!!!!!!!!Mychael Urban CSN
All I'm saying is I wouldn't.Mychael Urban CSN
Remember, John, Huff only signed for two yearsm and that's all Uribe will get, Crawford is going to get five or six years, so we're talking 100-120 mil (your math) vs. 40 million.From Talent Dave
Adrian Beltre to China Basin? Has pop and a nice glove? And they can rub it in the A's faces ...Mychael Urban CSN
You see the years and dollars the A's offered? I don't think the Giants would even think about going there. Third base is not a huge issue for them right now.From therizzl
Any word of avoiding arbitration with Cody Ross by singing him to a 2yr deal?Mychael Urban CSN
I haven't heard that. On the Huff conference call today, Sabean indicated that Ross return is a lock You have to be careful about paying a guy coming off a hot, high-profile month or so. I'd give him his arb raise and go from there.From Kruk
The Giants should trade a guy like Kevin Pucetas I think. Any trade value in him since we have so much depth at pitchingMychael Urban CSN
The Giants already traded Pucetas. He was the player to be named later in the Jose Guillen deal. He's a Royal now.Mychael Urban CSN
Thanks for joining the chat, everyone. Time to get ready for the Huff press conference at AT&T Park. We'll be airing it live at 2 p.m. on CSN Bay Area. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend. We;ll chat again next Tuesday. Until then, peace, garlic mashed potatoes and Michael Buble's "Home" to all ...

Jazz finally explain how a team and city should co-exist, but rarely do

Jazz finally explain how a team and city should co-exist, but rarely do

Despite the planetary systems of evidence to the contrary, sometimes a sports owner understands the duties and responsibilities of the job and foolishly (read: admirably) acts in accordance with them.
In other words, there are more than a hundred owners across North America looking at Gail Miller and wondering if she is (a) nuts, (b) dangerous, (c) evil, or (d) all the above, with oak leaf clusters.
Gail Miller owns the Utah Jazz, having taken the basketball team over upon the death of her husband Larry in 2009, and will do so until she turns it over to a legacy trust of family members who will be required by contract to reinvest any and all profits generated by the NBA franchise back into the care and upkeep of the team (h/t Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune).
That is, as opposed to turning the profits into a bank for the family, or a way to get rich before selling the franchise to someone who moves it to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland or Zagreb.
In other words, she has set up a system by which the team will almost surely stay in Salt Lake City for decades to come, as opposed to playing arena blackmail, city blackmail or other kinds of popular ownerly games. No whining, no sniveling, no milking the citizens without their consent – why, by modern ownership standards, this is a scandal.
All because of an antiquated notion she clings to despite all rationality – the right thing to do.
Compare and contrast the events in our own local burgs, and shake your head in admiration.
In fairness, there are tax advantages for her and her family in doing this, and the bar for decency is so low that getting tax breaks for not doing something despicable seems like an entirely equitable deal.
Nevertheless, her decision to keep the team (a) in the family and (b) in the city where they reside is such a stunning development that it took more than a year of fevered negotiations with the NBA to make sure that what she chose to do would meet with the league’s approval.
“We worked with the NBA for probably more than 12 months trying to put together a package that satisfied the NBA's needs for financial covenants, eventual opportunities for participation in management and the governance,” team president Dennis Haslam said. “It took a long time, but we got there.”
Larry and Gail Miller bought the Jazz for  $22 million 30 years ago, which are currently valued at a hair beneath $900 million. In other words, the family has done reasonably well by the city, and the city by the family. And the annual profits are more than sufficient to keep everyone living in spectacular comfort.

But what she has done is introduce a foreign concept to modern wealth. Enough money for everyone.

“The Jazz are not our family's team,” son Steve Miller kind of fibbed, because it remains the family’s team. “They are a community asset. They are the Utah Jazz.”
Even allowing for the discordant nickname that has endured for those 30 years, again despite all logic, the Jazz have finally explained what the relationship between a team and its town ought to be, and almost never is. Owners long ago decided that their teams were theirs and only theirs, and the fans to whom they pay lip service in exchange for all the money their fans pay them have come to know that love unrequited is just a scam with free T-shirts.
The people of St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland and whoever is next in the discard bin have discovered that loving a team is typically an act of misplaced faith.
But Salt Lake City got the right owner, one who knows what the true debt really is, and how best to repay it. Gail Miller is not a hero, but she is someone who gets how sports is supposed to work, which is frankly a much rarer thing than mere heroism.
If she drinks, she’s earned one – even if all she did was momentarily shame her financial compatriots by showing the kind of loyalty that usually ends up only going the other way.

Instant Replay: Marleau's first four-goal game powers Sharks past Avs

Instant Replay: Marleau's first four-goal game powers Sharks past Avs


In five consecutive periods against Colorado, the Sharks’ “captains line” of Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski and Patrick Marleau had done next to nothing.

But a third period line change sparked one of them. Big time.

After getting bumped to the second line, Marleau scored a career-high four goals, all in the third period, leading the Sharks to a 5-2 win at Pepsi Center on Colorado on Monday.

On the first, Marleau was left alone in front of the net and redirected a Marc-Edouard Vlasic shot-pass from the point at 2:53 of the final frame. That gave the Sharks a 2-1 lead.

Marleau’s second of the night came just three minutes and four seconds later. He faked to the net, but quickly shifted behind the cage and tucked it inside the post on his backhand before goalie Spencer Martin could seal it off.

The 19-year-veteran completed the hat trick at 10:35, stepping out of the penalty box and finishing off a two-on-one with Pavelski to push the Sharks’ lead to 4-1.

A goal by Colorado’s Nikita Zadorov brought the Avalanche back to within 4-2, but Marleau’s breakaway goal at 16:23, going from his forehand to his backhand, capped the scoring.

Marleau’s most recent hat trick also came in Colorado on Nov. 20, 2011. It was the fifth of his career, four of which have come on the road, as he upped his career total to 497. 

Only two Sharks have ever recorded four goals in a game – Owen Nolan on Dec. 19, 1995, and Tomas Hertl on Oct. 8, 2013.

The Sharks won a season-high fifth in a row, while Colorado dropped its sixth straight.

Brent Burns’ team-leading 20th goal opened the scoring. After David Schlemko rimmed it around the wall behind the Colorado net, Burns gathered it in and quickly fired it towards the goal from a sharp angle. Martin wasn’t able to stop it with one minute to go in the first period.

Burns continues to lead all NHL defensemen in scoring, and has 13 points in his last nine games (5g, 8a).

Colorado got the equalizer in the second period, when Jarome Iginla buried a seam pass from Mikhail Grigorenko at 10:02 on an Avalanche power play.

There were just eight shots in the second period – four per team – and shots were just 13 apiece at the second intermission.

The Sharks beat Colorado at home on Saturday, 3-2, in the only other meeting between the teams this season.

Special teams:
The Sharks finished 0-for-4 on the power play, including a long five-on-three in the third period. They are just 9-for-76 on the road this season (11.8 percent).

Colorado went 1-for-4.

In goal:
Jones improved to 6-1-0 in his last seven starts, with 26 saves.

Martin, who made his NHL debut on Saturday in San Jose, fell to 0-1-1 in his career with five goals allowed on 24 shots.

The Sharks lost Joonas Donskoi in the first period. He was hammered along the wall by Colorado’s Andreas Martinsen, and seemed to be favoring his right arm as he left the ice. Donskoi missed three games earlier this month with an upper body injury.

Timo Meier made his return to the lineup after missing a pair of games with an upper body injury. He started on the fourth line with Tommy Wingels and Melker Karlsson, while Ryan Carpenter – who had points in each of his last two games – was scratched.

Colorado was without center and second-leading scorer Matt Duchene with a reported flu. The Avalanche were forced to play with just 17 skaters.

Up next:
San Jose makes its first of two visits to Winnipeg on Tuesday night in yet another back-to-back situation. The Sharks, who skated past the Jets 5-2 on Jan. 16 at SAP Center, are 5-3 in the second game when playing on consecutive nights.

Edmonton visits the Sharks on Thursday in their final game before the All-Star break.