NBC: Sharks-Canucks preview with Roenick


NBC: Sharks-Canucks preview with Roenick


Expect the Sharks to give the Canucks all they can handle in Game 2 Tuesday night on Versus. However, the Sedins heated up in Vancouver's Game 1 victory.

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Draymond Green to wear custom 'Sideline Racism' Nike shoes

Draymond Green to wear custom 'Sideline Racism' Nike shoes

For all Week 13 NFL games, players have the clearance to wear custom-designed cleats to highlight a cause that they are passionate about. And Draymond Green is joining the movement with his Nike shoes this weekend. 

Green will wear specially designed yellow and blue Nikes that read, "Sideline Racism." On Twitter, Green wrote "I stand with my @NFL brother this weekend in wearing @RISEtoWIN's Sideline Racism shoes in uniting against racism. We stand united @NFL."

The shoes are through RISEtoWIN, whose Twitter profile states the organization as "dedicated to harnessing the unifying power of sports to improve race relations."

RISE (the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality) is a non-profit organization, which was founded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in 2015. 

Bogut voices opinion on use of marijuana in NBA

Bogut voices opinion on use of marijuana in NBA

A day after Steve Kerr told Monte Poole on The Warriors Insider Podcast that he used marijuana twice over the last year and a half, players around the league are offering their take on the use of pot in the NBA.

The latest is former Warriors center Andrew Bogut.

According to ESPN's Tim MacMahon, Bogut had this to say on Saturday evening prior to the Mavericks game against the Bulls.

"I've never tried it. I don't know how much it helps, but from what I heard from guys who are retired and have chronic injuries, they say it helps a lot. Like I said, you are bringing a big can of worms if you allow it [without restrictions]. If you have open season, you're going to have guys, I guarantee you're going to have people playing in a game or practicing high. It's just the reality of it. You have guys in pro sports playing hungover. You have guys come to practice drunk sometimes. That's how it is. If you all of the sudden can smoke, although there are a lot of positives to it, the downside is you could possibly have a lot of guys that are not 100 percent in the present. I think that's why the league is saying what it's saying. But as far as it being legal in society, it should be fine to be legal. It's a plant, it's an herb, it's a weed. … People that I've known that smoke, friends of mine, they're the most chill kind of people ever. They don't want to cause problems or fight. They usually just want to get a bag of Cheetos and sit there and watch TV or whatever. I think the effects of alcohol are far worse than weed can ever be."

Bogut played for Kerr the last two seasons before being traded to Dallas this offseason.

Earlier on Saturday, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson offered their support for Kerr.