NCAA acknowledges hypocrisy in wake of Twitter shaming

NCAA acknowledges hypocrisy in wake of Twitter shaming
August 8, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Mark Emmert and his business partners will have to pinch pennies now that they're not profiting off of Johnny Football merchandise. (AP)

Now that Gary Bettman has flipped the Phoenix Coyotes franchise, he can turn his attention to the debt-riddled New Jersey Devils. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

It’s good to see the new craze of Finding Things The NCAA Has Banned But Sells Anyway has finally caused its beleaguered president, Mark (I Hate My Legacy) Emmert to back away from the organization’s motto of “We’ll do anything to anything for the right price.”

After Jay Bilas seized upon the craze of finding player-related memorabilia that the NCAA either sells or promotes, Emmert acknowledged that the NCAA will get out of the memorabilia-hawking business, admitting that “I certainly understand how people can see that as hypocritical.”

Well yes indeed, Skippy. And you can also understand how people can see that assault and battery looks like someone getting beaten up.


Isn’t it interesting that MLBPA head Michael Weiner had cautioned Alex Rodriguez to accept a moderate suspension, but then said no when the suspension turned out to be 1 1/3 seasons long and 69 minimum salaries expensive. This proves what too many dullards in and outside the baseball cognoscenti refuse to accept.

1. That the union is not being obstructionist, the way anti-union swine liked to portray them for so many years.

2. That the Rodriguez punishment was delivered in typical baseball style – meaning, on a sliding scale based on which players they don’t care about and which ones they actively dislike (they actually like very few, as you may have guessed). This proves yet again that baseball is incapable of adjudicating the PED issue, because it has more surface and subterranean agendas than Brandon Belt has swing hitches.

Or is that “had hitches”? The man did hit a home run off a guy named Donovan Hand Thursday.

[RECAP: Vintage Lincecum leads Giants to win over Brewers]


The NHL denied a Forbes report that Gary Bettman begins a new season of “Flip This Team,” this time the New Jersey Devils, whose owner, Jeff VanderBeek is up to eyelids in debt, with an arena that dropped from the top 12 in dates filled to below 50th. When payroll checks get cut next month, according to Forbes, VanderBeek won’t have the Beek, let alone the Vander, and the league, which just found an idiot . . . er, sucker . . . er, mark . . . sorry, buyer, for the Phoenix Coyotes, will have to find a new one.

Reports are that there are two groups interested in crafting offers for the team, though Forbes said one of those buyers, Andrew Barroway (some rich guy I never heard of), has seen the books and has backed away.

No matter who’s right, the lessons remain clear: You taxpayers in Newark should start watching your wallets extra carefully. Your mayor, Cory Booker, should run from any team or arena subsidy here like it was dipped in ebola frosting. And get ready for five years of what the people in Glendale, AZ did. This story is going to be one of those hardy perennials.


Mark Murphy, the head of the Green Bay Packers, broke league programming to tell WSSP Radio that the nickname “Redskins” is “very derogatory to a lot of people.” People hailed this remark as a sign that times are changing, but they forgot Parts A and B, which were, “I don’t know if there is any way you can change Redskins,” and “The owner, Dan Snyder, has come out very strong that he will never change the name.”

In other words, he covered both sides brilliantly, the way your standard politician would. Everyone with a Kool-Aid-free system or who doesn’t collect a check from the team KNOWS the name is derogatory. And this fact doesn’t matter to the one guy who can change it.

Here, we’ll just refer to them as the Ambassadors, after the proud old World Football League franchise that began in Baltimore, then went to a Baltimore-Washington configuration, couldn’t find a place to play, moved to Norfolk, VA then found out the owner didn’t have any money and ended up first in Orlando as the Florida Blazers and then to San Antonio as the Wings.

Nothing derogatory about the Baltowashinewporlantonio Ambassablazewings that I can see. Especially the fact that all five teams no longer exist.


And finally, LeBron James had jury duty. He lasted an hour before he was dismissed. There is no truth to the rumor that he blurted out, “Your honor, we find the defendant Dan Gilbert.”