Nellie's Admission; Monta's Ankle

Nellie's Admission; Monta's Ankle

Jan. 24, 2010


First things first,a few days ago, Warriors coach Don Nelson sat down in front of a fewreporters and admitted hed made a mistake. No, it had nothing to dowith coaching.

Before his admission, Nelson had been talking about Andris Biedrinsfoul shooting and had said that Biedrins rejected help from Rick Barry,one of the greatest free throw shooters of all time.

In case you havent been following, Biedrins is having a devil of atime at the line this year. Hes 2-for-18 from the line, whichtranslates into 11 percent. Anyway, after Biedrins 1-for-7 performanceagainst Chicago, Nelson lamented postgame about his centers lack ofproficiency at the line.

Nelson also had said Biedrins eschewed Barrys help. But the next day,Nelson came in and said that it wasnt Barry who had come in to try tohelp Biedrins. It was George Johnson. In other words, Barrys nevergotten a crack at Biedrins.


The Warriors are set to take another look at Monta Ellis sprainedright ankle today, but every indication is that the injury is notserious.

Ellis apparently hurt the ankle during the first half of Fridays gameagainst the New Jersey Nets, then tried to give it a go during thesecond half. But less than two minutes into the third quarter, Ellisshut it down and headed into the locker room.

During a season the Warriors have been hit hard by injuries, theyreexpecting good news on Ellis. The expectation is hell likely play onTuesday when the Warriors play the Kings in Sacramento.


Dont look now but the Warriors are right on the Kings heels in thestandings. And these are the same Kings that were the talk of theleague only five or six weeks ago.

The Kings have lost seven in a row and 12 of their past 13. Further,the return of Kevin Martin hasnt seemed to help even a little andin fact there are concerns that there may be issues about Martin androokie Tyreke Evans playing together.

Thats why youre hearing Sacramento trade rumors, like the latest involving Martin and Dallas forward Josh Howard.


There is no doubt D-League call-up Anthony Tolliver has played well forthe Warriors and will likely get another 10-day contract on Wednesdaywhen the first one expires.

At the same time, the scouting report on him might not exactly havebeen right on the money. Before Tolliver played a game for theWarriors, he was described as a power forward who could stretch thefloor with his 3-point shooting but whose rebounding wasnt a strength.

But through four games with the Warriors, Tolliver is just 2-for-17from 3-point range (11.8 percent). On the other hand, hes averaging avery respectable eight rebounds per game, despite playing just a shadeunder 30 minutes per game.

--Matt Steinmetz

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Curry bounces back in blowout, wins point guard battle with Irving

Curry bounces back in blowout, wins point guard battle with Irving

OAKLAND -- No one among the Warriors had a deeper desire to beat the Cavaliers than Stephen Curry, and his performance Monday gave every indication that he wanted it as badly as he needed it.

And after losing the point-guard battle to Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving in four successive games, all Warriors losses, it was past time for Curry as the back-to-back MVP to stand up and make a statement.

His response was impressive: 20 points (7-of-20 shooting), 11 assists, four steals and a 126-91 rout by the Warriors. He was plus-23 over 31 minutes.

“He was making shots, it’s as simple as that,” Irving said. “In transition, off pick-and-rolls, doing what he does and that makes him a great player.”

Irving’s response: 17 points (6-of-19 shooting), two assists and a game-high-tying (with teammate LeBron James) six turnovers. Irving was minus-12 over 29 minutes.

“Steph was great,” coach Steve Kerr said. “A phenomenal first half, I think he had 10 assists. His energy was great and he set the tone. He put a lot of pressure on the defense.”

Curry has been playing with renewed vigor lately, his mentality changing shortly after the Warriors on Christmas Day in Cleveland blew a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, taking a 109-108 loss. Curry took only 11 shots, scoring 15 points.

He was particularly good in the first half, scoring 14 points on 5-of-11 shooting, with 10 assists and three steals. Curry clearly came to destroy.

“It was a great way to start, just a foot on the gas pedal,” Curry said.

Curry’s game, along with the victory, may silence some of the narrative suggesting the Cavaliers have his number. Though he was displeased with one aspect of his game, Curry happily accepted the outcome. Or that Irving hadn't caught up to him.

“I obviously wanted to play well; I didn’t want to walk off the floor with anything more than what I think is a solid, aggressive game,” he said. “I didn’t shoot the ball as well as I wanted to. Some shots I normally make didn’t go down.

But I can live with that knowing I took care of the other stuff I was supposed to do on the floor. Really, what was all in my head was that I definitely wanted to leave this arena tonight with a solid performance and obviously get the win.”

Durant gets personal with stuffing of LeBron, stops any momentum for Cavs

Durant gets personal with stuffing of LeBron, stops any momentum for Cavs

OAKLAND -- There was a single play Monday night that delighted Warriors fans more than any other in a 126-91 win over the Cavaliers, and it was not any of five 3-point bombs dropped by Oracle Arena favorite Stephen Curry.

Nor was it the high-velocity collision between Draymond Green and LeBron James, which resulted in Green being assessed with a Flagrant Foul 1 and the Warriors cranking up their intensity to another level.

No, the most satisfying play of all was on defense, and it was made by offensive wizard Kevin Durant, who sent a resounding message to the Cavaliers and, moreover, to James, Cleveland’s superstar forward.

With 9:48 left in the third quarter and James driving in for a dunk, Durant responded by rising up and cleanly stuffing the shot, sending James sprawling helplessly to the floor as the Warriors gained possession and raced the other way.

“That block at the rim was definitely great,” Draymond Green said. “If LeBron dunks on him right there, the momentum swings, he’s excited and everything can possibly swing. Yeah, he made a stand. Got a big block for us and we got off to the races. That puts momentum completely in our favor.”

With the crowd pumping up the volume, the Warriors, already in control, finished the job. And don’t think Durant isn’t aware of the effect such a play has.

“Yeah, especially when you’re at home, when you get a block against anybody, the crowd is into the game and they really enjoy that,” he said. “Around the league now, in every arena, fans are starting to respect defense. They can sense that it’s a momentum shift when you get a big block or a huge steal or a block.”

It also put momentum, on a personal level, in Durant’s favor. Despite the fact that Curry has won the last two MVP awards, it’s widely believed that James and Durant are the top two players in the NBA.

James has three championship rings, while Durant has none. James has four MVP awards, to one for Durant. When the two met in the 2012 NBA Finals, when Durant was with the Thunder and James with the Heat, Miami won in five games.

Durant, who entered the league four years after James, is at the point in his career that he believes he’s ready for anything James may have. Furthermore, since coming to the Warriors last summer, Durant clearly embraces the opportunity to beat James.

Durant posted 36 points and 15 rebounds when the teams met in Cleveland on Christmas Day, and posted 21 points, six rebounds, five assists, three blocks and two steals on Monday. KD, on an individual basis, is now 2-0 this season against LeBron.

“Guarding one of the best players in the league, and somebody that can score in different ways and impact the game from different ways, whether it’s in transition or the pick-and-roll or (isolation), I just tried to stay locked in and relied on my teammates,” Durant said.