Nelson Calls Out Biedrins

Nelson Calls Out Biedrins
February 24, 2010, 5:55 pm
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Feb. 24, 2010WARRIORS PAGE

Don Nelsons comments about Andris Biedrins after the Warriors 110-102 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night were pretty interesting to say the least.

Pretty gutsy, too.

If you missed it, heres how Nelson responded when asked why Biedrins played only nine minutes against Philly:

I didnt see any life there. Im just tired of not seeing any life. Were disappointed... this isnt the first time we havent seen a light on at home.

No doubt, Biedrins is having a difficult season. He missed significant time with injury, is shooting a woeful 13 percent from the line and is without his usual explosiveness of the recent past.

He's averaging just 24 minutes a game, down from 30 last season.

Then again, how lifeless could Biedrins have been considering he got five rebounds in those nine minutes?

But what stands out most about Nelsons comments is that it has been the coach, himself, who has seemed to be without life this season. Nelson has been asked several times over the course of the year about why he doesnt seem into it or why he doesnt seem to be having any fun.

One of the major themes of the Warriors 2009-10 season -- probably right behind the injuries -- has been Nelson and what seems like his passionless approach.

Its not that Nelson is necessarily wrong about Biedrins. Its just that many think its kind of odd coming from him.

-- Matt Steinmetz

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