PBT: NBA reportedly sets Sept. 15 labor deadline

August 29, 2011, 5:57 pm
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Aug. 29, 2011Kurt Helin

The NBA has started its campaign to ratchet up the pressure on the players to reach a deal when negotiations between the two sides start again this Wednesday.

That pressure cancellations of the start of training camps and pre-season games was leaked to Hoopsworlds Steve Kyler.

"League sources have pegged September 15th as the last possible date to reach a deal before Training Camps and Pre-season games are likely scrubbed. Sources have also said that if even one Pre-season game is lost, the economic impact would be the same as if all the preseason games are lost. It would be a trigger a point in which league advertisers and sponsors could and would start pulling back and season ticketholders would likely start asking for refunds."

Camps were set to open in late September, then the first preseason games started Oct. 9. So the Sept. 15 date to start cancelling things is a bit early, but it wouldnt be a whole lot later before things had to start being called off.