PFT: Castillo gone, is Vick next?

October 16, 2012, 4:14 pm
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By Mike
On Monday, Eagles coach Andy Reid offered tepid support for quarterback Mike Vick and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. On Tuesday, Reid fired Castillo.
Undoubtedly, Mike Vick is next.
Though it may not (but still could be) a bye-week benching, Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg surely will spend the next 12 days getting rookie Nick Foles ready to take over, whenever Reid decides to flip the switch. (Yes, Foles and the rest of the players will get several days off during the bye, but that wont stop Foles from studying film and getting further ensconced in the playbook.)
The handwriting on the wall has become an engraving in the form of a middle finger to the man who secured the job after Reid fell out of love with Donovan McNabb and then out of lust with Kevin Kolb. The new object of Reids affection is Foles, and its only a matter of time before Foles is flinging it.
Consider the evidence. With rampant reports and speculation regarding the team dumping Vick after the next Super Bowl to avoid guaranteeing 3 million of a 15.5 million salary in 2013, the Eagles have said nothing publicly and theyve done nothing privately to push a message of support for Vick. Then, Reid once again dropped a strong hint that Vick is in trouble with that today, I am response to the question of whether the head coach remains committed to the quarterback.
What secure starting quarterback gets treated that way? The Cowboys bend over backward whenever Tony Romo bends over forward for an opposing team, and the Chargers remain resolute regarding Philip Rivers after the kind of Monday night debacle that would have gotten Vick run out of Philly before the final gun sounded.
So its coming. Whether its this week or next week or at halftime of the next game or after the next game, itll happen. The only way to stop it will be for Vick to turn the clock back to 2010 with any remaining chances he has to persuade Reid to keep him on the field.