Raja Hopeful but Realistic about Return

February 27, 2010, 1:31 am
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Feb. 26, 2010WARRIORS PAGEWARRIORS VIDEO Raja Bellwas doing a few drills on Friday, interacting with teammates and taking extrashots. You couldnt help but watch him and wonder if hes going to be able toget back this season."I hold out hope that Ill get to play a little bit thisyear," said Bell,who has played just six games this season because of a wrist injury. "Imhoping for April but if it doesnt respond, so be it. It will just be somethingthat will get healthy in the offseason." It would be easy to hear that and think hes done for theseason. Even Warriors coach Don Nelson said: "I dont really expect to have himback this year. If he plays a game or two maybe something like that." But Bellsnot your average NBA player; hes got some throw-back in him. Remember, Bell played a game for the Warriors on Nov. 18 against Boston when he knew he wason the verge of surgery. He had 11 points that night, a game the Warriors were ableto hang around in before eventually losing. I cant really dribble well with the left yet, Bell said. And I surelycant make any passes with the left. Generally trying to use it for defense andif I fall on it, that would be a big problem for me.--Matt SteinmetzWhat's on your mind? Email Matt and let himknow. He may use it in his weekly Mailbag.

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