Reiss’ Pieces: A tale of two tenants

Reiss’ Pieces: A tale of two tenants
March 27, 2013, 2:15 pm
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How much better does Carson Palmer make the Raiders? (USA TODAY IMAGES)

So the Raiders can pay Carson Palmer $13 million and win five games, or not pay Carson Palmer $13 million and win two games. What am I missing?

I understand the whole “respectability” thing, but there is just zero upside next season. I’d say they might as well “punt,” but with Shane Lechler sent packing, I’m not even sure they can.

Seriously, if you think there’s even a chance that Terrelle Pryor can develop into a legitimate NFL quarterback, now is the time to find out. If not, what have you really lost?  Like I said, three wins -- give or take…


Things are looking much brighter for the baseball team in the same stadium. I think the A’s have a terrific chance to get back to the playoffs. In fact, I’m predicting the AL West will send three teams. And you heard it here first: the Astros won’t be one of them.

I’ve been waiting for years to see Brett Anderson step into the role of staff ace, and that time is now. Anderson resembled a future Cy Young contender before his elbow surgery. This season will tell us whether his ceiling remains that high.

Who’s on second? That seems to be the big question on the minds of A’s fans, but I’m not sure there is one definitive answer. I’d expect Scott Sizemore and spring-sensation Eric Sogard to both get plenty of at-bats in the early going…


Pablo Sandoval’s inflamed elbow doesn’t concern me as much as Pablo Sandoval’s propensity for injuries in general. I don’t believe it’s about weight issues as much as it is he just seems to be one of those guys who can’t stay healthy. Not that the extra lbs matter…

Thank goodness we can soon talk about regular season Giants baseball, because the preseason has been nearly devoid of interesting storylines. Besides the obvious/perennial, of course. Tim Lincecum is pitching for a contract this season, but I don’t expect that will be enough to magically resurrect his lost Cy Young form. My guess? Split the difference between 2011 and 2012 -- an ERA between 4.25 and 4.50.

Marco Scutaro has an active 20-game hit streak. In case you’d forgotten…


The Sharks are beginning a seven-game homestand. It might not determine whether they will make the playoffs, but it should dictate whether or not we can believe in this team if/when it gets there.

The Douglas Murray trade was a no-brainer. Good guy, great teammate, can’t skate. And boy does San Jose need to bolster its farm system…

The Ryane Clowe trade rumors (rumours?) are interesting; here’s a guy who, to a large extent, personifies exactly what any contender would love to add to its roster. But then there’s the whole “no goals all season” thing...


Hey, how’s your bracket looking?

Mine is actually passable despite the upsets, though I’m still bitter about Davidson giving its game away in the final seconds in most-unbelievable fashion. I was so right on that one, even though I wound up being wrong.

Despite watching an unhealthy amount of West Coast college hoops this season, I overestimated the Mountain West and underestimated the Pac-12.

Oregon was dead-duck-waddling for much of the conference season, yet it now looks like a team that can give Louisville a run for its money, though I still think the Cardinals will win the national title…

Final thought: Florida Gulf-Coast coach Andy Enfield has a supermodel wife and a 15-seed in the Sweet 16. Who hits two jackpots like that?