Riley: 'It's not the same old thing anymore'

March 15, 2012, 2:02 am
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Warriors general manager Larry Riley addressed the media on Wednesday, one day after the team traded Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.Here are some of his comments on different aspects of the trade:On the move itself: Its not the same old thing. We took a bold step, we know its a bold step and were happy about it.On where the Warriors were situation-wise: We were stuck. You want to be stuck three games below .500 at this time of the year, every year? You want to be stuck five games below or something like that? Thats where we were and thats where we were going next year. And since Ive been here Ive tried to acquire a five (center) and you cant get them. So its a situation where weve solved a problem. Did it come without issue, heavens no.On Andrew Boguts ankle injury and past injuries: Its well-documented about the injury to Andrew Bogut. The Milwaukee doctors, our doctors conferred. We had that information a long time ago. And then two specialists were called in to review the documentation and everything is moving in the right direction. The progress is as it should be.And there shouldnt be a reason why the healing wont continue in the proper fashion. Thats the medical advice and thats what weve been told and we believe it. It is 100 percent? No, it isnt. Nothing is 100 percent in our business, but thats the direction were going. Theres a slight possibility Andrew Bogut might play at the end of the year. Well make a cautious judgment on that.On re-acquiring Stephen Jackson: We all know Stephen Jackson. He was here when we had a good run and we know how he left here. Now, the great thing was when he left, Jack and I parted on good terms. Now we had our moments and it was difficult.We made the decision could we take Stephen Jackson and have him contribute? Because Im going to get asked the question: Did you get him to trade him. No. I dont see a trade coming that sends him on somewhere else. Everybody thinks there could be a domino theory there. I understand that but thats not the way it was. When I spoke to Jack today, he said: Coach, Im ready to go.

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