Roenick's Game 5 blast on Marleau sparks frenzy

May 9, 2011, 5:43 pm
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EDITOR'S NOTE: What is your take on Jeremy Roenick's criticism of Patrick Marleau? Post your comment at the bottom of this article. staff
In case you were wondering how to kill the time between Games 5 and 6 in the Sharks' series with the Detroit Red Wings, hockey analyst (and former Shark, it should be noted), Jeremy Roenick ripped Sharks forward Patrick Marleau in the aftermath of San Jose's 4-3 loss to Detroit.In case you've been sleeping under a rock (or perhaps rightly preoccupied with the A's taking a pair in Kansas City and the Giants sweeping Colorado), here are Roenick's comments on Versus Sunday night:REISS: Roenick out of line with Marleau criticism
"Unbelievable comeback by Detroit but an unbelievable poor effort by Patrick Marleau -- a gutless, gutless performance by Patrick Marleau. Count them, zero points in this series and he has a a game like that."Later, when asked if Marleau was hurt on the play where he lost the puck to Pavel Datsyuk, which led to the game-winning goal, Roenick said this:"Yeah, he's hurt, he's hurt all right -- right here (point to his heart), he's hurt."RATTO: Sharks lose composure, Game 5
Shortly afterward, Sharks announcer Randy Hahn had this to share with the masses, via his Twitter account:"Jeremy Roenick only cares about furthering his broadcasting career. His Marleau take was WAY over the line. Many bridges burned."Hahn's partner, Drew Remenda, also weighed in (see the attached video) with his own response, saying it's one thing to criticize the play but another to go after the player.PHT: Why Roenick wasn't wrong with his take on Patrick Marleau
Just to be clear, this is not the first time Roenick has targeted Marleau. After the Sharks dropped Game 1 of their playoff series to Colorado a year ago, Roenick had this to say: (courtesy of L.A. Kings blog "Surley and Scribe"):"When's Patty Marleau gonna come out and hit somebody in a playoff game?" Roenick asked incredulously. "When is he gonna come out and start showing why he was so good in the regular season? Not just scoring goals, but playing physical and being emotional in a playoff round. Look at the way Shane Doan came out in Game 1 against Detroit. He hit everything that he could possibly get his hands on to show his team how they need to play. When is Patrick Marleau going to do that in a playoff round?"Closer to home, San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami shared this opinion:"Marleau wasn't great, obviously. Hasn't been great all series. Is never great against Detroit. It's just not his thing.But gutless?I'm never going to be president of the Paddy Fan Club, but that description seems to speak more of a philosophicalpersonal thing between Roenick and his former teammate than of an intrinsic part of what happened tonight.I do admit that I couldn't stop watching Datsyuk and linemate Henrik Zetterberg skate and drop-pass and basically instigate Detroit's huge third-period comeback.Maybe that's an indirect indictment: Datsyuk was incredible; Marleau was invisible."Also from the Mercury News, courtesy of Sharks beat writer David Pollack, who reached Roenick by phone on Monday:I am a huge Sharks fan, said Roenick, whose last two NHL seasons were with the Sharks. I am a huge Doug Wilson fan. I think Doug Wilson has stepped to the plate and been very loyal to people, including to Patrick Marleau. And Im going to call things the way I see them. This is not a personal attack. Its my job to speak my mind. People can say whatever they want. I want the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup someday. I think the fans deserve it. I think Doug Wilson deserves it. But when youre in a position to close out your arch-rival, I think you need a better effort. I dont think it was there and I stand by what I said.

Pollack pointedly asked Roenick if there something personal between them.

This is totally on the record, he said. I am not a Patrick Marleau fan. Im not going to pretend to be. But I also will tell you that he is an incredible, incredible talent. I wish I had the talent he has. If I had the talent Patrick Marleau has, I wouldnt even know what I could have done. But I have my opinion of his determination and effort level, especially with the amount of money that he makes. I respect peoples opinions, but I have one, too. I really feel that the San Jose Sharks, the fans, and Doug Wilson deserve a better effort than they have gotten on a lot of nights in this series. And I have the ability to say that. This is not an act. This is me speaking my mind. Patrick Marleau has a lot of fans. I just happen to be not one of them.About the only thing we can report with certainty, is that we have not heard the last salvos fired on this topic. And again, we want to hear from you, the fans. Leave your comments below!