Roosevelt School's Sarah Coyle

Roosevelt School's Sarah Coyle
April 4, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Meet Roosevelt School's Sarah Coyle, one of five finalists to become Comcast SportsNet's 2014 All-Star Teacher.

Editor's note: Vote for your All-Star teacher! The winner will receive $20,000 for his or her school, courtesy Comcast SportsNet and Provident Credit Union.

Sarah Coyle has taught at Roosevelt school since 1999 and currently teaches seventh grade English language arts and social studies.

Sarah’s passion for learning and teaching started 15 years ago. As a young mother, Sarah was intrigued by adolescent development and educational strategies. She is still fascinated by the learning process, her students’ development, and their ability to rise to the challenge of learning. Sarah’s classroom is a place where her students are honored and respected. Her students know that they will be learning together, and that Ms. Coyle is on this journey with them -- guiding, pulling, cheering and celebrating.

When Sarah has the opportunity to follow her students to the next grade level, she does so and her students never skip a beat. They start the next year as if no time has passed.

In Sarah’s classroom, there is a strong sense of community built on trust that catapults her student’s learning. Students become risk-takers in this caring, nurturing environment and consistently rise to the challenges that she puts before them. Many of her students are English language learners and/or come from low socio-economic households, but that does not prevent them from surpassing all expectations.

In 2013, Sarah received the San Mateo County Teacher of the Year Award. Superintendent Anne Campbell remarked, “Ms. Coyle is a committed professional whose high expectations for her students result in their buoyed confidence and measurable academic growth. Her enthusiasm and creativity combine to produce a fun and adventurous learning environment.”

Sarah shows her students that their actions can affect change in their community. Her seventh-grade students made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless every week for a year and she even escorted students to the shelter each Monday evening, when they expressed an interest in handing out the sandwiches themselves.

Sarah earned her BA degree in Liberal Studies at CSU Hayward. She returned to school in 1997 to obtain a multi-subject CLAD credential from Notre Dame de Namur University and in 2010 received her Master of Arts in English.