Siegel: Cal and the Blue Hose

September 14, 2011, 10:33 pm
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Sept. 14, 2011

I have to admit, before the 2011 Cal schedule came out I had no idea where Presbyterian College was or any other information about it ... so I did some checking.

Here you go:
Location: Clinton, S.C.
Enrollment: 1,200
Conference: Big South
2011: 1-1 record, beat North Greenville, but lost to Wofford (not our anchor Henry)
2010: 2-9 but they did end the season with a 42-6 win over Steph Currys alma mater, Davidson
2009: Zero wins
TV Coverage of the game: None
Location of the game: AT&T Park -- great place to be no matter who is playing
Nickname: Blue Hose

Meaning of Blue Hose: 2 of apparently many explanations (both from

1). A Blue Hose is a fierce Scottish warrior. If you have ever seen the movie Braveheart, you have seen a true Blue Hose.

2). Letter from PC Athletic Director in 1935: It was about the second or third year, 1915, if I remember right, Stockings. I think it happened this way: I changed uniform colors to blue, wearing blue stockings and jerseys, and some sports writer started calling in his articles the Presbyterian College teams the Blue Stockings.

In later years Stocking became abbreviated to the Hose, particularly in newspaper headlines. It was more or less officially adopted by the student body in the 1950s.

So heres what Ive learned, this should be a cake walk for the Bears, there is a small possibility Mel Gibson may be at the game, and if you want to see highlights your best place is SportsNet Central Saturday after Giants post game live at 8:30 or at 10:30.

Lee Siegel is the assistant news director with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.

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