Steinmetz: A long way to go in Sacramento

December 23, 2010, 12:58 pm
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Once trailing by 16 points, the Warriors worked their way back to force overtime against the Kings on Tuesday, and few interesting missed free throws by Reggie Williams set the stage for Vladimir Radmanovic's game-tying three pointer at the buzzer.

REWIND: Warriors steal win from Kings in OT thriller

With 20 seconds remaining and the Warriors trailing by five, Williams failed to connect on his fifth free throw attempt of the night, and Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins reacted by putting his hands around his throat in a choking motion.

A hook shot from Radmanovic and ten free throws later, Williams again stood at the line. This time, with three seconds on the clock and his team trailing by three, he wanted to miss.

Cousins' early gestures proved haunting has he was unable to secure the rebound, setting the stage for Radmanovic's heroics, and ultimately the Warriors' win.
From Matt Steinmetz's weekly chat on Wednesday at 12 noon:

From Rick RudeWhats your thoughts on Cousins making the choking gesture to Reggie when he missed a crucial free throw in the 4th quarter?Matt Steinmetz CSN
Everyone knew Cousins had a ton of question marks coming out of Kentucky and maturity was certainly one of them. I don't see anything that's happened with Cousins as surprising. He needs to grow up. But I'm not saying anything different from most others.From OmnipotentOne
So what do you make of Cousins choke signs to the Warriors at the free throw line? Seems to say alot about the man. Also he went after that rebound after the missed free throw like a Benoit Benjamin softy. The more I watch him play the more he reminds me of Benoit.Matt Steinmetz CSN
Like I said, Cousins is immature and that's not news to anyone. He's a little like Anthony Randolph only squared. Goodness gracious, Cousins and his histrionics started at tip-off. Heck, before tip-off. I watched him work out with Kings assistant coach Pete Carril and Cousins' body language is just awful. Talented as hell, but a long, long way to go.What'syour take? EmailMattand let him know. He may use it in his Mailbag.