Steinmetz: Schedule Gets Interesting as Warriors Get Healthy

November 20, 2010, 7:58 am
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Yes, the Warriors got beat by the Knicks tonight at home, but Im really not reading much into it. Fair is fair after all.I didnt read very much into the Warriors 6-2 start because of apretty favorable schedule, so Im not going to make too much out of a125-119 loss to New York even if it was at Oracle.After all, the Warriors were missing Brandan Wright. Im serious. Kind of. I mean, the Warriors missed anybody and everybodyover 6-foot-7 tonight. You notice Dorell Wright guarded AmareStoudemire in the fourth quarter?Point is, the schedule is starting to get interesting and the Warriorsare getting healthy. David Lee was on the bench tonight in streetclothes and Lou Amundson was shooting in the gym earlier this week.Wrights back cant be strained forever. Udoh is looming.Tough back-to-back coming up against at the Lakers and then homeagainst Denver. Then its on the road against Houston, Memphis andMinnesota. The Warriors finish out the month at home against the Spurs.Looking forward to how that stretch goes.--Definitely not one of Stephen Currys better games. This is where aboxscore can really fool you. Hey, dont get me wrong, 29 points is 29points, but he couldnt seem to catch up to anyone at the other end.Raymond Felton certainly made some acrobatic shots, but that doesntexplain all of 35 points on 13-of-17 shooting, with 11 assists. Curryhad a fit of it keeping Felton in front of him.In the fourth quarter, once Ellis had moved to Felton and Dorell Wrightto Stoudemire, that left Danilo Gallinari to Curry. Well, Gallinari had11 points in a three-minute period that helped New York stay ahead.