Urban: All-Star Game musts

July 12, 2011, 8:07 pm
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July 12, 2011


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Mychael Urban

PHOENIX -- As the countdown continues to Tuesday evening's MLB All-Star Game at Chase Field, here are five things at least one seasoned veteran of many a Midsummer Classic is hoping to see in this year's showcase of (most of) the biggest names in the game.1) Gio Gonzalez pitching to Pablo Sandoval: It's the only way possible we'll see two Bay Area All-Stars squaring off, and it'd be only fitting because the Athletics lefty and the Giants' third baseman are cut from the same cloth. A couple of big kids out there, thrilled and feeling incredibly blessed, having the time of their lives.URBAN: A's Gonzalez all smiles at first All-Star Game
2) Jose Bautista going deep -- twice: Toronto's classy slugger hears PED whispers everywhere he goes, but he handles the innuendo with grace and aplomb. Hard not to like him. He appeared a tad nervous in the Home Run Derby. A couple of long balls tonight would give the country a look at what they've been missing.3) Justin Upton having a big night: As the unofficial host of the event, the Diamondbacks' outfielder is surely a little gassed by now. Here's hoping he can summon enough energy to come off the bench and put his dizzying array of all-around skills to productive use in front of the home crowd.4) Ryan Vogelsong in the game: Even if it's just for a batter or two. It would give Fox an opportunity to tell more of his story to an audience that likely doesn't know it, and put a nice big bow on the whole experience for the Giants' unsung righty.URBAN: Overseas to All-Star, Vogelsong
5) Brian Wilson striking out the side: In the most gaudy cleats humanly possible, of course. The Giants' closer loves a big stage, and this is as big as it gets before the playoffs. Don't think he's not dying to hold court in the middle of the spotlight.

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