Urban: All-Star justice for Sandoval, Bochy

July 10, 2011, 6:44 pm
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JULY 7, 2011


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Mychael Urban

First, let us laud Michael Sandoval's intrepid reporting. He has absolutely no formal journalistic training, but clearly the man knows how to cultivate, work and harvest intimate relationships with strong sources. His scoop, delivered as most are the days, via Twitter, was a thing of beauty.Now let's get to the news: Pablo Sandoval is an All-Star. What does it mean? Very little that we didn't already know. It simply confirms that pretty much everything continues to break right for Bruce Bochy in the baseball world, and that if you give the game enough time, things usually work themselves out to everyone's general satisfaction.As the GiantsNational League All-Star manager, Bochy really wanted Sandoval to be on the team, but the injury that cost Sandoval a month made it a hair too sketchy for the Skipper to name him last Sunday. Not that Bochy is afraid of a little backlash, but that would have been inviting too much.But look at what's happened in seven short days.
Guys started dropping out of the Midsummer Classic with minor injuries as if playing in it is a hassle instead of an honor. Can't go, man. Slept on my pinkie wrong.Or maybe these guys just didn't want to wilt in the stifling heat of Phoenix, where temperatures have been as high as 119 recently. Sure, the game will be played with the Chase Field roof closed, but you have to step outside at some point, and I think we all know that A-Rod needs everything just so to be as his very best for Cameron.Meanwhile, Sandoval's hitting streak gained steam to the point that it's almost expected for him to bang something off the nearest wall every time he steps into the box.
He's very much playing like an All-Star, he was snubbed a couple of years ago, and he's a great personality for MLB to showcase: an over-sized kid with a cute nickname who swings the bat like a beast.So boom. No backlash for Bochy, delayed justice for Sandoval and everyone's happy. Except A-Rod. Don't think for a second that Saturday's Derek Jeter Show didn't hack him off to no end.

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