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September 30, 2010, 3:12 am
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Sept. 29, 2010
Burrell With Another Magical Memory (7th Inning Update)

Are you kidding?Its enough to be blessed with big-league talent.Being blessed with movie-star looks -- tall, dark and handsome -- is almost overkill. Yet the powers that be decided that wasnt enough for Pat Burrell. Lets make him a sympathetic figure, a prodigal son, and a cornerstone of a pennant race. And lets let him hit a bunch of homers, including one really late in the season in front of a full house of fawning fans.Seriously. Whomever is responsible for doling out goodness needs to relax. Pat Burrell has gotten way more than his share.Lincecum Finding His Groove (5th Inning Update)

As my Twitter followers often so eloquently note, Haters gonna hate. So its little wonder that Chris Lincecum, the father of Giants wunderkind Tim Lincecum, gets accused of being everything from a Svengali to an attention-seeker to a thorn in the side of the Giants coaching staff.None of these things are true. Not even close. Hes a father who loves and defends his son, just like every other father on earth should aspire to be.He has the utmost respect for the Giants coaches, and its not his fault that the media often seeks his opinion when Tim isnt pitching particularly well. Heck, I did it 20 minutes ago.And because Chris Lincecum is as straight-up honest a man as youll ever meet, the man for whom the description salt of the earth seems created, he gives me time when I ask for it.All I asked of Mr. Lincecum, whom I texted after the second inning, was what he thought of Tims early struggles.I think hes got it now, Chris responded. Its his legs.Sure enough, Tims thrown up nothing but zeroes since his father told me hes got it.Father knows best.Giants Fans Already Counting Chickens (3rd Inning Update)

Based on the general vibe emanating from AT&T Park before Wednesdays game against the Diamondbacks, the Giants are already in the playoffs.Theyre not, of course, but that hasnt stopped anyone from grabbing my right arm, spinning me around and saying (oddly enough, with fairly slurred speech), Shanchys pishing Game 3, right?Uh, yeah. Sure. Whatever, bro. Can I have my bicep muscle back while its only half-torn?Anyway, not to bring Bill Polian into this, and not to be a buzzkill for Giants fans on this lovely evening by the Bay, but the whole playoffs thing is far from fait accompli.And to echo my good friendcolleaguereverse-moral compass Raymond Lucious Ratto, do you really want this thing to be decided before the Padres get to town?I dont. As a childhood Giants fan and as a journalist, I want this bad boy to go down to the wire. The childhood fan in me wants the Padres to wear it, to watch as the Giants get down in celebration on the field in front of them. As a journalist, duh; the longer it plays out, the more drama I have to try to capture and convey.The Giants are down 1-0 in the top of the third. The Padres are up 1-0. Not saying I want the Giants to lose and the Padres to win, but I do want to be able to comb my hair tomorrow. Lishen, you bashtard! Leave my bysheps alone!
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