Urban: Busted By Bleacher Cops at Wrigley

September 23, 2010, 12:03 am
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Sept. 22, 2010

CHICAGO -- Having provided on Tuesday a video tour of Wrigleyville, the suds-sodden neighborhood surrounding storied Wrigley Field, one of my priorities before Wednesdays game was to take CSNBayArea.com visitors on a tour of the inside of the famous old yard. As youll see, mission accomplished. Sort of.Ill cut right to the chase: I got everything I wanted to get except what I really wanted to get, and that was a good perspective from the bleachers here. If you go to Wrigley, you have to go to the bleachers, right? Thats where the party rages -- win, lose or rain.Alas, the press pass Ive been granted, the one that proclaims the bearer of such privy to ALL ACCESS, is a big, fat liar.Despite being armed with said pass, and the sunny disposition of a man looking for nothing other than to give the good folks of the Bay Area a peek from one of the more interesting perspectives in baseball, I was told I was not allowed.What in the name of Ernie Banks is going on here? A credentialed member of the media cant even stroll the bleachers? To paraphrase Chevy Chase in Caddyshack, Are we in Russia, Danny?I promised to keep my camera stowed. I promised Id write nothing but good things about my experience (which, I figured, would be a very easy promise to keep given the bleachers were mostly empty and Im a sucker for romantic baseball experiences). I smiled, kept my cool, resisted the temptation to tell the bleacher cop -- who, bless his heart, made a call looking to grant me access but was denied -- that had he simply let me go without making a fuss, nobody on earth would notice.Nothing worked. So no soup for me. And no view from the bleachers for any of us. Maybe CSN Chicago has the pull to make it happen Thursday.If not, I have no choice but to give you this assessment: The bleachers at Wrigley Field SUCK!Im kidding, of course. Sort of.