Urban: Can Sandoval Shake Rust for DH Duty?

October 30, 2010, 1:31 am
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Oct. 29, 2010

ARLINGTON,Tx. -- So much is made of how many days off a guys working on duringbaseballs playoffs that it only seems right to inform you.When Pablo Sandoval steps into the batters box Saturday night in Game3 of the 2010 World Series, hell be on eight days of rest.Oh, pipe down. I know the days-of-rest thing is typically reserved for pitchers.But why? Is eight days off from facing big-league pitching not just assignificant for a guy about to make his World Series debut as it wouldbe for a pitcher with eight days off from facing big-league hitters inthe same situation?Of course it is. And while weve gone halfway there, lets finish thejourney: Jonathan Sanchez, making his World Series debut as the Giantsstarting pitcher in Game 2, will be working on six days of rest. Thats childs play compared to what the Pandas going to do.Oh, pipe down. Of course Im exaggerating my stance for effect. Sue me.But it is worth considering now that the announcement has been madethat Sandoval, 3-for-14 in five playoff games, will indeed be the DH.Who are we to question Bruce Bochy? Hes pulled all the right leversall fall, coming up triple-cherries every time. Dont just take my wordfor it. Senior Sweaters work day Friday included a veritable Valentine to the Man With the Massive Melon.And who cares if Pablos a little rusty? Hes been getting his cage and tee work in, right? Besides, the Rangers are throwing a right-hander, Colby Lewis, onSaturday. Sandoval is far more dangerous from the left side of theplate. Makes a ton of sense.But consider this: There was talk for a while that perhaps Aubrey Huffwould be the DH, with Travis Ishikawa taking over at first base.Sandoval batted .286 against righties this year. Ishikawa? Also .286 against righties. And Ishikawas presence on the field would have further strengthenedthe defense against a Rangers team now jacked at the notion of gettingback their beloved DH.After all, Ishikawa isnt rusty at all. Hes been in damn near every playoff game. Two days rest.That would have made some sense, too.