Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants, A's stay put

August 1, 2011, 6:06 pm
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Aug. 1, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

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1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (68-39) Adding Hunter Pence was a masterstroke. The best got better.2 (2)
Boston Red Sox (66-40)It'll be a war in the AL East down to the wire; rotation leaking oil.
3 (5)
New York Yankees (64-42)David Robertson might be the key to division race.
4 (4)
San Francisco Giants (61-47)Give them time to gel. It'll happen, and it'll be impressive.
5 (3)
Texas Rangers (61-48) Mike Adams makes them far superior to Halos in AL West.
6 (6)
Atlanta Braves (63-46) Michael Bourn gives them speed element they sorely lacked.
7 (7)
Milwaukee Brewers (60-49) Wanted to do more, but what they've done might be enough.
8 (8)
Detroit Tigers (57-51) Justin Verlander can't do it alone. This will be a bumpy ride.
9 (12)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (59-50) Back of the bullpen probably doesn't have enough juice.
10 (9)
Pittsburgh Pirates (54-52) Yes, the Pirates. Top 10. Incredible. Great deadline deals.
11 (18)
Arizona Diamondbacks (59-49) Hold off on celebrations, Giants fans. They're for real.
12 (11)
St. Louis Cardinals (57-51) Something doesn't feel right, but heart of the order sure does.
13 (15)
Cincinnati Reds (53-55) Johnny Cueto really IS that good. These guys still gotta get better on road.
14 (10)
Cleveland Indians (53-52) Ubaldo Jimenez would be a lot more exciting if it were 12 months ago.
15 (13)
Tampa Bay Rays (56-51) What an odd feeling to be this good but not nearly good enough.
16 (17)
Chicago White Sox (52-54) Hunch alert: They've got a crazy-good stretch of ball in them yet.
17 (14)
Toronto Blue Jays (55-53) See: Rays. Such is life in the Division Owned By Two.
18 (19)
New York Mets (55-53)Expect to see this number dropping steadily from here on out.
19 (21)
Florida Marlins (53-55) Strange approach to deadline in keeping with strange approach overall.
20 (22)
Colorado Rockies (51-57) Trading Jimenez said it all.
21 (23)
Los Angeles Dodgers (48-59) Going nowhere, but good enough to take some contenders down.
22 (16)
Minnesota Twins (50-58)Had chance to pile up prospects, looked at division, said, "What the heck."
23 (20)
Washington Nationals (51-56) Smart to hang onto Drew Storen. Huge piece of future there.
24 (24)
Oakland Athletics (49-59) Curious lack of activity at deadline. Might mean free-agents-to-be are staying.
25 (27)
Kansas City Royals (46-62) Joakim Soria would have brought some nice talent in return.
26 (26)
Chicago Cubs (43-65) Couldn't unload the really bad deals they're now known for.27 (25)
San Diego Padres (47-62) Heath Bell: "So explain the waiver thing to me again."28 (28)
Baltimore Orioles (42-63) String. Playing out. And it all started so well.
29 (30)
Seattle Mariners (45-62) Quick, name a great young position player. Didn't think so.30 (29)
Houston Astros (35-73) Pence, gone. Bourn, gone. Are they trying to not sell tickets?

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