Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Giants take step back

August 8, 2011, 9:07 pm
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Aug. 8, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com
1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (74-40) One loss since Hunter Pence came aboard? Be afraid. Very afraid.2 (2)
Boston Red Sox (70-43)Good thing ESPN lets us know theyre a big deal. Who knew?
3 (3)
New York Yankees (69-44)As nauseating as it is at time, the AL East really is a riveting deal.
4 (6)
Atlanta Braves (66-49)Sixty-six wins and second place. Wild Card nightmare for NL.
5 (7)
Milwaukee Brewers (65-50) Winners of nine of 10; time to give front office big love.
6 (4)
San Francisco Giants (63-52) Yes, the Phillies pitchers are good. Yes, the Giants hitting is that bad.
7 (5)
Texas Rangers (64-51) Here come the dog days in Arlington. Does the pitching wilt?
8 (9)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (63-52) Pitching isnt the problem here. Can they score with any consistency?
9 (8)
Detroit Tigers (61-53) Its almost as if theyre winning the Whos the least bad? division.
10 (12)
St. Louis Cardinals (62-53) Road record is impressive; back of rotation and middle pen, not.
11 (11)
Arizona Diamondbacks (62-52) Just cant take advantage of Giants recent struggled. Bad sign.
12 (14)
Cleveland Indians (56-56) The slide has started; dont be surprised to see it end in fourth place.
13 (16)
Chicago White Sox (55-58) Sounds crazy right now, but cant you see them getting into this?
14 (15)
Tampa Bay Rays (59-54) Going absolutely nowhere and just lost series to As. Still a solid club.
15 (17)
Toronto Blue Jays (58-56) Ricky Romero quietly having a year thatll make him rich soon.
16 (10)
Pittsburgh Pirates (52-59) Oh, boy. Here we go. Ten losses in a row? Great story gone bad.
17 (13)
Cincinnati Reds (55-59) Not a horrible team, but they never put all phases of the game together.
18 (18)
New York Mets (56-57)Still going to give contenders trouble despite already making tee times.
19 (19)
Florida Marlins (55-59) They hit a little, they pitch a little, they lose a lot. Makes no sense.
20 (22)
Minnesota Twins (51-63) Scuffling in a big way again. Looks like they wont join party after all.
21 (23)
Washington Nationals (55-59) Last place in NL East would be a contender in NL West. Wow.
22 (20)
Colorado Rockies (53-62)Double-digit deficit in division? Pre-season predictions were SO off.
23 (24)
Oakland Athletics (51-63) Where was all this hitting in the first half? Theyre interesting again!
24 (21)
Los Angeles Dodgers (52-61) Why they didnt sell anyone off given theyre finances is baffling.
25 (27)
San Diego Padres (51-64) Theyre going to be a thorn in the Giants side down the stretch.
26 (25)
Kansas City Royals (49-65) Theyre building something there. You have to squint to see it.27 (29)
Seattle Mariners (49-64) The epic losing streak made them seem a bigger joke than they are.28 (26)
Chicago Cubs (49-66) Lovable losers yet again. But dont take em for granted, contenders.
29 (28)
Baltimore Orioles (44-67) The farm system, according to scouts, does not paint a pretty picture.30 (30)
Houston Astros (37-77) Hunter Pence will be sending postcards from various playoff cities.

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