Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Phillies still on top

Urban: MLB Power Rankings -- Phillies still on top
June 27, 2011, 6:58 pm
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June 27, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com
1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (49-30) Only team with winning percentage over .600 for a reason; theyre that good.2 (3)
New York Yankees (45-31)Love em or hate em, its good for the game when theyre relevant.
3 (5)
Tampa Bay Rays (44-34)Not better than Boston; just playing better baseball as of late.
4 (2)
Boston Red Sox (45-32)Addition of former top pick Andrew Miller a sneaky-smart move.
5 (6)
San Francisco Giants (44-34) Can they keep winning close ones? Sure, as long as pitching stays healthy.
6 (7)
Milwaukee Brewers (44-35) If they figure out road woes, they run away with NL Central.
7 (11)
Atlanta Braves (44-35) Roster composition: Nobody spectacular, everybody solid. Real solid.
8 (12)
Arizona Diamondbacks (43-36) Joe Saunders starting to pitch like the All-Star he was in AL.
9 (13)
Detroit Tigers (42-36) Three players among top 10 AL batting leaders. Central theirs to lose.
10 (10)
Texas Rangers (41-38) Looking awfully smart for not trading disgruntled Michael Young.
11 (8)
St. Louis Cardinals (41-38) Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman < Albert Pujols.
12 (19)
Washington Nationals (40-38) The Bryce Harper wont play in the bigs this year deal is a joke.
13 (15)
Pittsburgh Pirates (39-38) Theyre over .500 (through Sunday)! Something strangely exciting about that.
14 (22)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (39-40) Theyre under .500! Something strangely sad about that.
15 (14)
Seattle Mariners (39-39) Theyre at .500! Something strangely meaningless about that.
16 (9)
Cleveland Indians (40-36) Jack Hannahan on Friday: Were just playing good baseball. Oops.
17 (16)
Toronto Blue Jays (39-39) Ricky Romeros record doesnt tell you jack about how good he is.
18 (4)
Cincinnati Reds (40-39)Giants fans thinking Ramon Hernandez might be available arent paying attention.
19 (18)
New York Mets (39-39) Typical Sunday for Jose Reyes: triple, three singles, stolen base, three runs, RBI.
20 (17)
Colorado Rockies (38-39) Cool day for Jason Giambi this weekend: Standing O, HR at Yankee Stadium.
21 (23)
Oakland A's (35-44) Organizational rotation depth has been impressive. Offense, still anything but.
22 (20)
Chicago White Sox (38-41)Few teams aggravate their fan base more than this hotcold club.
23 (21)
Los Angeles Dodgers (35-44) Poster boy for bad decision-making in MLB: Juan Uribe.
24 (25)
Baltimore Orioles (35-40) Just because its kind of fun every once in a while: Mark Belanger.
25 (24)
Minnesota Twins (32-44) Boot, boot, clang, clang. That was their defense at AT&T Park.
26 (30)
Florida Marlins (34-44) Jack McKeon and Hanley Ramirez are a sit-com waiting to happen.27 (28)
San Diego Padres (34-45) At least they get to host the Royals this week.28 (27)
Kansas City Royals (33-45) At least they get to play the Padres this week.
29 (26)
Chicago Cubs (31-46) Is the entire team cursed or it only the pathetic pitching staff?30 (29)
Houston Astros (28-51) If Hunter Pence is traded, they might as well start giving away tickets.
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