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September 1, 2011, 5:14 pm
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Sept. 1, 2011


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To celebrate the start of the final month of Major League Baseball's regular season, today we introduce "Urbs' Daily 5," a list of five MLB-related questions presented by CSNBayArea.com Insider Mychael Urban to initiate debate, discourse and discussion among the game's most passionate fans. Look for it every Monday through Friday, and be sure to post your answers to the questions in the "Comments" section below.1) When the Giants parted ways with Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada on Wednesday, eating more than 15 million in the process, was it more about performance or attitude?
Obviously, neither player lived up to the contract he was given; performance played a huge role here. But Tejada's recent response to being asked to bunt in a pinch-hitting appearance was a horrible look, and while Rowand was careful not to air any grievances over playing time in public, it's no secret that he was unhappy with his role.

2) If Ozzie Guillen's relationship with White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is beyond repair and he's available this offseason, would A's GM Billy Beane roll the dice, break form and hire the controversial South Side skipper for 2012?
Fair or not, the common perception is that Beane, as strong a personality as you'll find among men in his role, would prefer to have a manager he can control. Guillen, clearly, would not be that. But he'd certainly represent a dramatic departure from the status quo, and the status quo has been as vanilla as Guillen is Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food."3) If the Phillies don't win it all this year, will their season be considered a flop? In short, is it World Series or bust?
Widely considered the best team in the game, Philadelphia is running away with the National League East behind the most imposing starting staff in recent memory. If they don't at least win the National League pennant, the city will be devastated.4) Which is the most dangerous Wild Card contender in the game this season?
Let's be honest: The Braves are going to be the NL's WC rep, and it'll be the Yankees or Red Sox in the American League. All three have obvious strengths and flaws.5) If you had one game to win, who'd be your starting pitcher?
Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander, Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia and Felix Hernandez are among the obvious choices. Got another? They're all rested and ready to rock; you're in a do-or-die situation. Make the call.Don't forget to leave your thoughts, folks. Registering takes less than a minute and the brain power of a squirrel. Let us know how you'd handle today's Daily 5.