Urban: Power Rankings: Brewers crash the party

Urban: Power Rankings: Brewers crash the party
August 15, 2011, 9:32 pm
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Aug. 15, 2011


Editor's note: Mychael Urban's MLB power rankings -- detailing who's hot, who's not, a little why, a little how, and what it all means.

Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com
1 (1)
Philadelphia Phillies (78-41) Someone found a way to slow them down Sunday: Mother Nature.2 (5)
Milwaukee Brewers (70-51)Hawkins, Axford and Saito a terrific trio at back end of bullpen.
3 (3)
New York Yankees (72-46)Trailing the Red Sox in AL East but playing better baseball.
4 (2)
Boston Red Sox (73-46)Big series at home this week vs. Rays while Yanks get KC.
5 (4)
Atlanta Braves (70-51) Not even looking at NL East standings. They rule Wild Card chase.
6 (7)
Texas Rangers (69-52) Do they secretly wear As t-shirts under their game jerseys?
7 (11)
Arizona Diamondbacks (68-53) Jason Marquis injury a major potential momentum killer.
8 (6)
San Francisco Giants (66-55) Can someone please find a spot for Brandon Belt every day now?
9 (9)
Detroit Tigers (64-56) Least imposing division leader of the lot if Verlander isnt pitching.
10 (13)
Chicago White Sox (60-60) Finally back to .500 after winning eight of past 10. Theres hope.
11 (10)
St. Louis Cardinals (65-56) And folks were actually worried about Pujols (29 HRs75 RBIs)?
12 (8)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (65-56) Hard to say mid-Aug. series is makebreak, but 4 vs. Texas is HUGE.
13 (14)
Tampa Bay Rays (64-55) They feel like a contender in every way until you look at the standings.
14 (17)
Cincinnati Reds (59-62) You knew the Dontelle Willis joy ride would end soon, right?
15 (18)
New York Mets (58-62) Top half of league rankings and more than 20 games out. Parity sucks.
16 (12)
Cleveland Indians (60-57) Probably deserve to be ranked higher, but something feels wrong there.
17 (15)
Toronto Blue Jays (64-55) Another team likely in favor of 8 playoff spots, division be damned.
18 (16)
Pittsburgh Pirates (56-63)Come on, guys. Get it back together. Lotta people pulling for you.500.
19 (21)
Washington Nationals (57-62) Nine games over at home this season says theyve got some pieces.
20 (19)
Florida Marlins (56-64) Between Jack McKeon and Logan Morrison, No. 1 in smack talk.
21 (24)
Los Angeles Dodgers (55-64) Matt Kemp continues to shrug off circus, post MVP numbers.
22 (22)
Colorado Rockies (56-66)Mark Ellis must be thinking hes part of the problem at this point.
23 (23)
Oakland Athletics (53-67) Not in million years did anyone think defense would be the Achilles heel.
24 (27)
Seattle Mariners (52-67) Just handed Boston first series lossnon-split since late June.
25 (20)
Minnesota Twins (52-67) Anonymity can be good, but not when it pocks a big-league roster.
26 (25)
San Diego Padres (54-68) Still not a club anyone should be fired up to play down the stretch.27 (28)
Chicago Cubs (53-68) If you sold out every game, what would motivate you to get better?28 (26)
Kansas City Royals (50-71) The fade has been hard, no doubt, but no longer a laughingstock.
29 (29)
Baltimore Orioles (44-67) A million games out and still drew 18,000-plus Sunday. Impressive.30 (30)
Houston Astros (38-83) Remember Matt Downs? Starting first baseman here. Seriously.

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