Urban: Second base not a pressing need for Giants

June 30, 2011, 4:29 am
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June 29, 2011


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Mychael Urban

You want to break down the many manners in which Ryan Dempster did a spot-on impression of a human Cuisinart machine on the Giants offense Wednesday?You want to break down some of the individual Giants at-bats, many of them featuring an approach somewhere between "lost" and "none"?You want to cry in your barley pops about Tim Lincecum not getting what he deserved after another night of near genius on the mound?Didn't think so.
RECAP: Giants tie it in 9th, but Cubs walk off to win 2-1
Thus, let's ignore the loss in Chicago and move quickly from ignoring to ignorance.You see the Juan Uribe rumors Wednesday?Laughable. Only Brian Sabean didn't think it was so funny, so he took the unprecedented step of sending his P.R. director into the Wrigley Field press box to let the traveling Giants beat writers know that the rumor had less credibility than Drew Rosenhaus in a T.O. reality-TV pitch meeting.This is a very loose and liberal example of paraphrasing in absentia, but Sabean pretty much said, "Yeah, we're super interested in the guy who (1) spit on our more-than-generous offer, (2) reneged, through his agent, on a promise that we'd get a chance to match any offer than beat ours, (3) reneged to jump ship for our most bitter rival, and (4) is making our reluctance to give him such a generous offer in the first place by hitting as poorly -- if not worse than -- as everyone we'd be using him to replace."Giants Insider gallery: Dempster quiets Giants' bats
Good for Sabean. That this kind of garbage even got pushed into the mainstream is a disappointment, a great example of how far the standards of journalism have sunk in our hurry to get information out a few seconds before the next knucklehead.Sabean didn't just kill the Uribe notion. He Ted Bundy'd, Charles Manson'd, John Wayne Gacy'd and Jeffrey Dahmer'd it.While he was at it, he should have Son of Sam'd and Zodiak'd the Mark Ellis idea.It's not going to happen. Guaranteed. In fact, the Giants haven't even discussed Ellis.It just doesn't make any sense. Ellis would add to the payroll, which the Giants don't want to do, and while it's awfully optimistic, the club still hopes to get second baseman Freddy Sanchez back at some point this year.In the meantime, Mike Fontenot is about to re-start his rehab, Emmanuel Burriss is starting to look like he might actually be able to hit at this level, and Bill Hall is here for a while. Not exactly an ideal trio to replace a pure hitter and fielder such as Sanchez, but Ellis would simply add to the logjam and add very little with his bat.And in case you haven't realized it, picking it at second base -- Ellis' forte -- isn't the Giants' main issue right now.For that, take a look at the first sentence you read here today.