Urban: Urbs' Daily 5 -- is Burrell the answer?

September 2, 2011, 5:18 pm
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Sept. 2, 2011


Mychael Urban

Monday through Friday, we present to you five MLB-related questions to get your morning started. Local and national, topical and provocative. It doesn't mean a thing, though, if you don't play along. Make sure you chime in below and flash your knowledge.

1) Are the Giants expecting way too much from Pat Burrell?
Clubhouse presence is extremely overrated at this point in the year. It's all about production, and Burrell hasn't produced much this year.2) Does Brandon Allen mean the end of Daric Barton?
Barton was the Golden Boy not long ago -- best minor-league hitter EVER! Big-league hitter? Not so much. And Allen is shiny and new.3) Are the Dodgers worth 1.2 billion?
The offer is astounding. How can it not have been accepted the moment it rolled in? One word: Lunacy.4) Do you believe in the Brewers?
They have a ridiculously productive offense and a surprisingly strong starting staff. Not a bad bullpen, either, particularly at the back end. But something feels shaky.5) Runner at second, two out, tie game. Pick a hitter. Any hitter. Who's your guy?
Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, A-Rod, Placido Polanco (gotta throw him in; come on, the dude's clutch), Justin Upton, Dustin Pedroia ... Jeff Keppinger? Choices abound. The season's on the line. Be smart about this.Let's get this party started. You've got your Daily 5 questions. Give us your daily five answers in the comments section. Kill it and you might be spotlighted here Monday. We reward creativity and insight.

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