Urban: Urbs' Daily 5 -- Play the kids?

September 5, 2011, 6:28 pm
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Sep. 5, 2011


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Mychael Urban

Happy Labor Day, everyone. No hard work here. Just five MLB-related questions to ponder as you fire up the grill.1) Should the Giants start playing the kids, or do they stay the veteran-laden course until the math says they're done?
If you answer along the lines of the latter, you win today's Optimist of the Week award.2) Does the thought of Billy Beane leaving the A's for another GM job disturb you in any way?
Or do you really think he's lost his magic touch? Remember, this is a game that moves in cycles.3) Are you sick of the Yankees?
If you are, you might want to stay away from your television set for the next couple of months, because they're starting to look like they'll be in the spotlight for quite some time.4) Should instant replay be expanded?
We've been seeing an awful lot of calls blown lately, underscoring the need to get the big ones right. Is the NFL really smarter than the men who run baseball?5) If you're starting a franchise from scratch and can select any player in the game to build around, who is it?
Do you go with a young ace? An everyday player with massive upside? An established veteran to show everyone how to be a winner? Options abound.Don's forget to leave your thoughts below, folks. Let us know how you'd handle today's Daily 5.