Urban: World Series Live Playoff Blog, Game 2

Urban: World Series Live Playoff Blog, Game 2
October 28, 2010, 11:40 pm
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Oct. 28, 2010

UPDATED: 6:51 P.M.
Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com

SAN FRANCISCO -- Born in this fine city, raised in its suburbs and now making my living here, I take a lot of pride in it. Right now, though, Im a little concerned about our national reputation.Not because of whatever Josh Hamilton might think he smells wafting in from the bleachers.Not because of the down-on-their-luck folk aggressively working corners not far from the ballpark before World Series games, pestering out-of-towners not for spare change but cold, hard greenbacks.Not even because of the disrespect we seem to get from anyone East of the Mississippi. You know they think were baseball buffoons, right?
No, Im concerned about the way the outside world might start viewing us because of the Fist-Pump Cam. It needs to stop. Like, immediately.San Francisco is ripping off Jersey Shore???? No. Sorry. I know that the fans seem to like it and get into it, and the lyrics are all-Giants, all the time.Just again. San Francisco, Jersey Shore.UPDATED: 6:18 P.M.A day after the pitchers duel that everyone expected went the other way, devolving into an 18-run assault on expert analysis, Matt Cain and C.J. Wilson are flipping the script in their own way in Game 2 of the World Series at AT&T Park.Both guys throw hard and arent afraid to work high in the zone, and that led to some pretty prevalent overnight opinions.Given the way the Giants banged the ball around Wednesday, it was safe to assume they might have a shot at feasting on someone like Wilson, who isnt exactly know for Maddux-like command.And given the Rangers reputation for using their power to punish anyone who dares challenge them repeatedly with fastballs, it was safe to assume there was at least the potential for a decent night against Cain.Uh, no. At least not thus far, through 4 12 innings. Both guys are commanding the zone beautifully, keeping the ball down for the most part, and keeping anything but zeroes from going up on the scoreboard. The pace is swift. The pitches are crisp. The defenses are sharp.Its the pitchers duel we didnt get from Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee.UPDATED: 4:30 P.M.As if the rest of the country needed another reason to be envious.Now these people, many preparing for a bitterly cold winter of drippingsqueegees for the windshield and calluses from shovels, have to sufferthe sight that is Baseball Heaven, Nor Cal Style, Non-Ticket-HolderCategory.Thats what McCovey Cove has become. Its a party, to be sure, but notjust on the water. Its a scene and a half on the walkway the doublesas an homage to both whats inside (plaques, statues, 10-cent views ofthe field, etc.), and outside (revelers not quite bold enough to hitthe water but more than bold enough to guard some sort of sentry aboveit.I spent a good 45 minutes before the game today before Game 2 of theWorld Series between the Giants and Rangers, checking it all out,camera in hand, and came away smiling at the fortune bestowed uponGiants fans. You cant tell me any other fans have this. A calm-water cove filledwith every assortment of sailor, from the blue-blazer-wearing old guyon the yacht channeling Ted Knight in Caddyshack to the hardy soulswho plunked down a days wages to struggle mightily, joyously in maidenkayak voyages.Its a blissful lot, and understandably so. Youre close enough to feelit, yet far enough away -- and with more than enough to occupy amomentarily troubled mind -- to minimize the sting should things goawry inside.Tickets to this thing are tough. The Cove is free if you choose to staydry, and it costs but a pittance, relative to scalpers prices, to getright down in there.In other words, its an officially sanctioned Place To Be.And theres still time to catch the late innings of Game 2 from the most unique perspective in the big leagues. Dont miss the boat.