Urban: Wrigleyville a True 'Bucket List' Trip

September 22, 2010, 1:16 am
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Sept. 21, 2010
Mychael UrbanCSNBayArea.com

CHICAGO-- Start at Murphys Bleachers behind the left-field corner. Start at the CubbyBear across the street from the iconic marquee in front of the old yard. Startwherever the heck you please.You wontbe disappointed. Wrigleyville is that good.Sometimesyou get bummed when you visit a place youve heard about for ages. Youve builtit up in your mind to such epic proportions, its virtually destined to come upshort. This is not like that.The onlyother place that comes close in baseball is Fenway Park, and it has nothing todo with being a crusty, old stadium that emits beauty via the accumulatedhistory of the place. OK,theres some of that here, no doubt. Fenway, too. But its the neighborhoodsurrounding the stadium that makes both venues special to the core.Andreally, thats where you are when youre at Wrigleyville. Youre atthe core of baseball. Of Americana. Itsbeer, its friends, its laughter, its arguments about the merits of thisplayer vs. that, and its just plain fun.Throughthe magic of a hand-held camera, I tried to capture that spirit for you whiletouring the suds-soaked neighborhood surrounding Wrigley, giving you a look atthe watering holes and their patrons (many from the Bay Area, decked out inorange and black), the roof-top bleachers across the street, the ball-hawks,the vendors the bloodlife of the game.Hope youenjoy it as much as I did.