Warriors and Morrow Needed that Shot

January 9, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Jan. 9, 2010

Big shot for Anthony Morrow, the fourth-quarter jumper he drained against Sacramento obviously. He would deny it if youd ask him, but then again you dont have to. Youdont have to ask Morrow if hes feeling some pressure about wanting in on the3-point shooting contest during All-Star Weekend.Hes been hesitant and appears to be pressing. There havebeen plenty of times in the past six or eight games when he has passed when heshould have shot. You get the feeling hes heard all the talk of needing to addto his game, and hes going too much out of his way to do it.Hes made it clear he really would like to be invited to the3-point competition. And he would seem to have a case. Last year he led theleague in 3-point field goal shooting, but this year about a half-dozen guyshave a higher percentage.Morrow should probably get it in. How good of a shooter is he? Hes so good of a shooter thatit feels like hes been struggling from 3-point range and yet hes stillshooting 43 percent from out there.----If Anthony Randolphs injury turns out to be as bad as it looked,thats really too bad. But there was some good news on Saturday when a CT scan revealed no fracture to the left ankle.The Warriors said they will further examine Randolph's ankle on Sunday to further diagnose the injury. Randolph was injured when he came down awkwardly in the Warriors' win over Sacramento on Friday.
Randolph is an interesting player with an interesting game, andthe Warriors are more interesting when hes playing.
They werent always better when he was playing, but theywere sometimes. Randolphs been progressing from the beginning of the year eventhough some believe hed be progressing more without Don Nelson.The one thing Randolph had been doing is putting up numberseven when he wasnt playing that well. And even though theres great debateamong fans about whether he should be playing more or not, everyone does seemto be rooting for the kid.
----Lost in the shuffle of last nights win: Stephen Currys3-pointer after the Warriors had fallen behind by seven with five minutesremaining, then assisting on a Corey Maggette bucket on the next possession tocut it to three.
-----All you guys out there complaining about Randolphnot getting enough playing time this year cannot now say the Warriors arereally going to miss Randolph.
Pretty much one or the other.-----
In the 10 possessions before Sergio Rodriguez cosmeticlayup with 6.4 seconds remaining, the Kings went: miss, miss, turnover,turnover, miss, miss, turnover, turnover, turnover, miss.-----The Warriors are expected to sign small forward Cartier Martin out of the D-League to a 10-day contract on Sunday. He should be in uniform for Monday's game against Cleveland.

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