Warriors need a win, semblance of health

December 24, 2009, 9:44 pm
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Lets take a look.Thats all. I just want to take a look at the Warriors withAndris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf, which is what is supposed to happen startingSaturday against Phoenix. Off the top of my head, Im figuring to see someimprovement, though not a turnaround.But I want to see it. Hey, this injury thing is so playedright now the only thing anyones arguing about is whos making excuses forthem and whos not. Doesnt matteranymore. Theres no getting around the 7-21 start, and if theWarriors ever were to start winning some games theyre still not getting backinto anything. But first things first: The Warriors got to win a game.Theyve lost seven in a row, and Phoenix, Boston and the Lakers (onroad) are up next. Right now, theWarriors are tied with Philly for the third-worst record in the league behindNew Jersey and Minnesota.In other words, we pretty much know what kind of team theWarriors are without Biedrins and Turiaf, each of whom has played just fourgames this season.In January, the Warriors have 15 games, nine of which are athome. Eight of the games are against playoff teams from last year and seven arenot. In other words, its more than a fair schedule that month so we, at least,should begin getting a better read on the team.Then, once February comes youll have a better sense of whomto try to move along and at what cost. Yes, I think a trade and maybe moreare coming. Only way it shouldnt happen is if the Warriors rip off about 15 oftheir next 20, and I dont see that happening.Lingering from New Orleans OK, its now time for Anthony Randolph to begin buildingsome consistency. Simple as that. Hesgot to start blocking a few shots and rebounding in every game he comes into.That way, Nelson will have no choice but live with thatoutside set shot (not really a jumper, is it?) Randolph seldom makes. If youve ever wondered how getting stronger can make aguy a better player, look no further than Chris Pauls game-clincher Wednesdaynight over Stephen Curry.Curry hung in there the whole move but just wasnt strongenough to hold his position well enough to allow him to contest the shot. Paulwas able to get Curry off him just enough that the little fadeaway, by andlarge, was an open look.If youre a Warriors fan, you hope that in two or threeyears Curry will be strong enough to give up less room on the final piece ofcontact and actually get a hand up so that it actually bothers the shooter. The one thing I keep thinking this year is that if the Warriorshad a player on their roster better than Monta Ellis theyd be a lot better.Ellis could do some really damage as a No. 2 scorer.And I dont think the Warriors have that player on theirroster right now. Randolphis the only one who possibly could be. But thats certainly no guarantee, andby the time that happens, Ellis will be looking at free agency.