Where would the A's have gone? Oakland is perfect

Where would the A's have gone? Oakland is perfect

July 3, 2014, 8:15 pm
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Landon Donovan could not -- and more to the point, SHOULD not -- have been part of the U.S. World Cup team because he is prone to snivel out loud.
Ray Ratto

Okay, so where would the A’s have gone if the Oakland City Council hadn’t blinked, rubbed its eyes, voted and fallen back asleep?

Well, we’re waiting.

The NIMBYs are lined up across the board.

Sacramento? Seemingly easy, but Raley Field would have to be tripled in size, and there still isn’t a lot of serious corporate money or television market size.

Portland? Seattle objections, plus too small a corporate base. Nike can’t buy ALL the suites.

Vancouver? BC Place could be tricked out, but there is no evidence Vancouver has ever asked for baseball, let alone said it would pay to watch it.

San Antonio? No.

Charlotte? Way no.

Indianapolis? Is there something bigger than way no?

Oklahoma City? Yes, and this is it.

Monterrey, Mexico: A whopping non-starter.

Havana? This ain’t the ‘40s.

Las Vegas: Growing, but the casinos are still the leading industry in town, and they need people at tables, not down the third base line.

Oakland? Perfect. The two sides hate each other while everyone makes money. They may not ennoble the species, but they need each other all the same. Heh heh heh.


And this is why Jurgen Klinsmann was right and Landon Donovan could not -- and more to the point, SHOULD not -- have been part of the U.S. World Cup team because he is prone to snivel out loud. He told Scott French of MLSSoccer.com that Jurgen Klinsmann didn’t set the team up to win, which is fine when your audience is Scott French, but much more corrosive when the audience is Julian Green or DeAndre Yedlin.

The money quote:

“It’s a results-oriented business, and so, results-wise, you can hold your head high. If you really look at the performances, there were some good performances by guys, some not-so-good performances by guys. As a whole, I think tactically, the team was not set up to succeed. They were set up in a way that was opposite from what they’ve been the past couple years, which is opening up, passing, attacking –- trying to do that. And the team’s been successful that way. Why they decided to switch that in the World Cup, none of us will know. From a playing standpoint, I think the guys will probably be disappointed in the way things went.”

Yep, Landon Donovan, team guy. Only until the moment when he’s not on the team.


From Christopher Hooton of The Independent:

“Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile and Mexico, all of which imposed a no sex rule, have now been eliminated, suggesting that sexual frustration doesn't give players a crucial edge in terms of motivation.

That said, countless teams that didn't ban sex have gone home too, so there isn't necessarily a correlation. Maybe just foreplay is optimum? Or maybe it's all about skills on the pitch and sex doesn’t come into it at all? I don't know.”

Well, I’ll bet everyone would have had all the sex they wanted if Landon Donovan had been there to make the tournament better.


Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder won’t get a piece of this action, but it should.

Luis Suarez is on the brink of a transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona as long as Barca pays the $137,000,000 asking price. This seems likely since Barcelona’s sporting director (general manager) Andoni Zubizarreta described Suarez as “humble” for apologizing to Chiellini for his toothy surprise.

Well, yes, he’s that NOW. He just got paid again, and doesn't have to work until October.


And finally, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has officially declared that the Fourth of July will be a public holiday in order to allow people to watch Colombia’s World Cup quarterfinal against Brazil. President Santos announced that the half-day holiday is specifically to free public employees so they can watch the Brazil tie.

American businesses were prepared to do the same thing for their employees for the Argentina-US match had it come off. Except of course for those people who normally work on Saturday anyway, and would have had to come in. Hey, that dry cleaning doesn’t take care if itself.

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