The world can move on now that A's have lease deal

The world can move on now that A's have lease deal
July 22, 2014, 9:00 pm
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The A’s have signed their lease with the Coliseum, and all is well with the world.
Ray Ratto

Hurray! The A’s have signed their lease with the Coliseum, and all is well with the world . . . and now negotiations will begin on the first opening in the lease Wednesday morning at 8:30. The City Council wants to add six more amendments, and the A’s want a rider that forgives any money they might have to pay in rent.

Hey, just trying to help you deal with the outs and outs.

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Queen Elizabeth II, meet Victor Conte.

Well, that’s not fair. It’s also a dated reference. Still, a racehorse owned by the Queen has tested positive for morphine. Initial indications are that the positive test on Estimate resulted from the consumption of a contaminated feed product, Buckingham Palace said. There seems to be no apparent skullduggery (morphine is a naturally occurring substance according to the British Horse Association and can be used on all but race days), but let’s face it, you’ve always wanted to compare the Queen to Anthony Bosch, the Biogenesis guy. And if you’re old, Conte. I mean, 2003 is so old world.


Evander Holyfield is being inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame . . . and his presenter is, of course, Mike Tyson. Frankly, if he weren’t ill, Mills Lane would have been a better choice. For that matter, anyone named Mills, or Lane, or anything, would have been a better choice. But it’s Nevada, and it’s Las Vegas, and it’s boxing.


Don Sterling’s meeting with Steve Ballmer to discuss the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers went uneventfully once it became clear to everyone in the room that (a) Sterling has to sell, (b) Ballmer wants to buy, and (c) if neither thing happens, the world implodes.

Darren Schield, who runs the Sterling Family Trust, testified during the probate proceeding that without the $2B sale of the Clippers, Sterling's company would not be able to pay off the loans and would have to sell huge chunks of real estate to cover the costs. But that’s not the fun part.

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The fun part is what would happen if he decided to keep the team and sell off his real estate holdings. Again, Schield:

“We would have to start selling real estate. If we have to sell $500 million in apartment buildings, it would have an impact on the Los Angeles real estate market.”

And better yet, after Sterling and his representatives claimed he could take the company public to pay off the debts, Schield said, “There's huge reputation issues. I don't know if anyone would want to go into partnership with him.”

See? Sometimes we do get what we want AND need. We’d just like a little more chaos first.


And now, spiritual tainting.

God, I’ve always wanted to type that.

Anyway, David Beckham, who is trying to find a site for the stadium that will house his MLS franchise, is coming up zeroes.

Beckham's group wants public land for the stadium to be provided by Miami-Dade County, which has already been beaten out of millions in public funds by both the Heat and Marlins. In other words, the county isn’t willing to do much.

Beckham first lobbied for a site at PortMiami, but resistance from cruise lines and corporations killed the plan months ago. Then the group asked about a boat slip near American Airlines Arena, but environmental issues prevented that, and when the county offered something near Marlins Park, MLS passed, and Beckham’s partner Simon Fuller called it “spiritually tainted” by the spectre of the heinous deal Jeffrey Loria blackjacked out of the county for the ballpark.

“Spiritually tainted.” So very very good.


And finally, Cincinnati’s Kristopher Negron is going stride-for-stride with Milwaukee’s All-Star Carlos Gomez in one important stat – home run trot speed.

Negron, who has hit two career homers, has run the bases in 16.12 seconds Monday and 16.97 seconds July 13. Gomez, who has four of the top 10 2014 times, has a best of 16.18, which is just dawdling by comparison.

But the often-Oaklanded Adam Rosales remains the master, with eight of the top 11 times going back to the 2010 season, when the mad bastards at ( started charting this. And you know what they say – act like you’ve been there before getting the hell out of there as fast as you can.

And shouldn’t it really be anyway?