After 5 positions Green focusing on one specifically

August 24, 2012, 3:34 am
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SACRAMENTO -- Where is Grant Green? Why isn't he in Oakland? The A's should call up Grant Green to play insert position here.It seems around 90 percent of the questions asked during our chats, or on Twitter are centered around Green. Every time a player falls into a slump, or makes an error, the solution on the internet is simple: Call up Grant Green.Why not Green? Well, first off, he is a career shortstop that doesn't have a position yet. Last year he was moved to the outfield to remedy that problem. This year he has started 75 games in the outfield, 19 at second base, 17 at shortstop, and nine at third base.So what exactly is the plan for Green?"Right now position-wise to get as comfortable at second as possible," Green said. "Get used to that turn, and get used to the read off the bat. And when I do make a read, to go 100 percent at it."Even though Green has seen playing time at five different positions, he's remained consistent at the plate. Green leads the River Cats with 16 multi-RBI games and is batting .294 with 13 homers and 67 RBIs. He is hitting .291 against lefties and .296 against righties -- consistent."He's doing a great job," River Cats manager Darren Bush said. "We're throwing a ton at him and he is handling it all."It's just that pesky defense thing that is the problem. Since Green was a shortstop pretty much his entire life, he is generally more comfortable on the left side of the field. Therefore, second base is a big adjustment. So how do they remedy that?"Just throw him over there," Bush said with a laugh. "He had to learn to protect himself around the bag and move around the bag."Bush says the transition has been made easier because it hasn't just been the coaching staff working with him. Green's teammates have been very vocal in helping him learn as well -- specifically Brandon Hicks, Adam Rosales, and Wes Timmons, all players who have experience playing on both sides of the infield. The instruction has been working."He looks comfortable all over the field," Bush says. "He's looking more and more confident at second base."The versatility is important because it might be the main reason he does finally get called up. With rosters expanding on September 1 he is a solid candidate to join the A's soon."It opens up a lot of doors," Green said. "A lot of options that may be able to help me down the line."Green is currently on an eight-game hitting streak. The organization believes he is ready offensively. He is working hard to make sure they trust that he can handle all of the other facets of the game."They believe that my bat is a good weapon," Green said. "Just trying to get everything else better. Whether it's the base running, or the defense. Just get those things fine tuned and hopefully we'll go from there."Focusing on second base might be a little more complicated with Jemile Weeks joining the River Cats. How the organization plans on splitting time with Weeks and Green at second remains to be seen.

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