Braden tests arm with 25 pitches from mound

January 31, 2012, 12:32 am
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A's pitcher Dallas Braden threw off the mound Monday, the first time the left-hander has taken the hill since shoulder surgery in May.

Braden told Comcast SportsNet on Sunday at FanFest that the plan was to throw 25 pitches.
Braden also said he is a month ahead of schedule in his rehab program.
At this point I have not hit a setback, knock on wood. Everything is good to go so we just stay the course and see where we are yet come Opening Day.

It appears Braden is referring to the season opening series on U.S. soil beginning April 5, in Oakland, not the A's season-opening series in Japan. Manager Bob Melvin told the As official site that Braden will not be starting either game in Japan.I wake up and take it day by day because Monday could feel great, Tuesday could suck, Wednesday could make me want to quit, and Thursday could be the best day I have ever felt in my life, Braden said Sunday. So I just take it as it comes.He Tweeted Monday about his session on the mound:

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Dallas BradenARM FEELS GREAT!!! I OCCUPIED the Strike zone 4 sure. Chucked 25 BAYseballs & all 25 had to dodge tears from my eyes as I wept Wjoy. Any ?s
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Braden appeared in just three games last season. In May 2010 he tossed the second perfect game in A's history.

He is slated to earn 3.35 million this season.Braden has been working out at the As complex in Arizona with fellow injured starter Brett Anderson. Anderson said that he is up to throwing 120 feet from flat ground and that his goal for a return is July, a year from the time he had his Tommy John surgery.

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