Coco has seen it all as Opening Night approaches

March 27, 2012, 4:56 pm
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TOKYO, JAPAN -- Coco Crisp has been here before. In 2008, Crisp was with the Red Sox playing against the As. This trip to Japan still has a special feel.Being here in Japan, Ive been here before is kind of like a dream come true, Crisp said Tuesday. I always wanted to play out here and to get a couple opening days out here, Im pretty fortunate.Crisp would not have been in Tokyo if he didnt choose to re-sign with Oakland. Now hes part of the rebuilding process and stands as one of the few vested veterans in the lineup. Hes been in this situation before in both Cleveland and Kansas City in prior stops. He knows how to handle this many young players.RELATED: Coco Crisp career stats 2011 game logs
I dont really say too many things. Guys have been around the game long enough, he said. When a situation comes up during the game that they havent been involved in, stealing bases or defensively, thats when I put my two cents in when asked. As a veteran guy you dont want to overstep your boundaries, but you try to help out when asked.While Crisp is taking a hands-off approach with the young players, the As will definitely need his veteran presence.This is his 11th season in the Majors and third in Oakland. Many As players will be enjoying Opening Night for the first time, but the first game never loses that special feeling.Excited, thats the number-one feeling. Once the game starts theres going to be some nerves in there, there always is. Crisp said with a big smile.The starting left fielder does not take this chance for granted.Youre here another year. If you have one day in the big leagues, thats a huge accomplishment. To be able to be a starter on big league team on opening day, that never gets old.