Selig claims progress in A's relocation

January 13, 2012, 1:18 am
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Commissioner Bud Selig says MLB is working "at a rather quick pace" to resolve the proposal to relocate the Oakland Athletics to a new ballpark in San Jose.Selig says there was a comprehensive presentation on the situation to the owners' executive council on Wednesday. Selig says he doesn't want to get into any details yet but the issue is, in his words, "very much on the front burner."The A's want to move to San Jose but the San Francisco Giants have had territorial rights to San Jose since 1993. Selig appointed a committee in March 2009 to evaluate the issue facing the Bay Area teams.
As the three-year anniversary of Selig's dispatched committee approaches, little is known as to which way the MLB will go. There have been reports that insist the A's are on the verge of being granted the rights, and other reports that claim it would be shocking if the A's were allowed to move.Most recently, former Giants managing general partner Peter Magowan went on record saying he would be "amazed" if Bud Selig gave the A's the rights to San Jose.REWIND: Magowan throws wrench into A's relocation plan
One thing is certain, A's fans will be happy when the focus returns to the team on the field, as the franchise has inextricably linked their ability to sign players with the ceaselessly-impending stadium decision.The Associated Press contributed to this report

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