Could the A's move to San Antonio or Montreal?

Could the A's move to San Antonio or Montreal?
July 8, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Lew Wolff and his ownership group purchased the A's from Stephen Schott and Ken Hofmann in 2005. (USATI)

When we last left the Oakland A’s Coliseum drama, it appeared as though the lease will finally be approved over the objections of many on City Council. The reason? Last week Bud Selig gave the A’s permission to leave Oakland if they want to, which apparently scared some Oakland officials.

Just being allowed to leave is not the issue; approval to actually go someplace where a viable baseball team could actually operate is a way bigger issue, and nothing reported last week suggested the existence of any such place.

Where might the Athletics move?

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Someone on the Oakland City Council has a few places in mind:


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