Former Athletic Gomes goes to bat for Boston Marathon victims

A's players reflect on Boston Marathon tragedy

Former Athletic Gomes goes to bat for Boston Marathon victims
April 22, 2013, 9:00 am
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Jonny Gomes used a bat Sunday engraved with "Boston Strong" and the names of the marathon victims. (WILL MIDDLEBROOKS)

No one can question the goodness of Jonny Gomes' heart. Last season, while with the A's were in the middle of a pennant race, Gomes took time to support the little league team from his hometown of Petaluma by donating money to help them travel to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. Now, as a member of the Boston Red Sox, he's taking action to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Following the manhunt that shutdown the region surrounding Boston, Gomes had had four bats custom made and shipped to him in time for Sunday's game against the Royals, according to the Boston Herald.

The bats had a special engraving in them:

Boston Strong
Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi
Krystle Campbell, Sean Collier

The first three names identify the victims of the explosions at the Marathon last Monday. Collier was the MIT police officer killed by the two suspects on Thursday night.

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Gomes used two of the bats in his first two at-bats on Sunday without recording a hit. The plan is for Gomes' Red Sox teammates to sign the bats and auction all four off to support the Boston Marathon victims.

"I think everyone is up to something, individually or as a team, to help the community out," Gomes told The Herald. "It's definitely not about me by any means, it's about who's on the bat, about the cause that it's going to help out."

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