Bochy rests Pagan, Sandoval for two very different reasons

September 13, 2012, 12:02 am
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DENVER Angel Pagan is getting a day off Wednesday becauseof a stubborn cut on his left hand. Pablo Sandovals ailment is more difficultto pin down.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy wanted to take advantage ofThursdays day off to give both players a chance to recuperate.

Pagan has been battling a split callous on his hand sincespring training. Its not significant and hes available off the bench, butthis is the second to last time that Bochy can pair a rest with an off day toprovide a 48-hour respite.

As for Sandoval, he is 0 for 9 in two games at Coors Fieldand has been highly erratic at third base. Bochy didnt hesitate to take himout on a double switch in the sixth inning Tuesday night, and after a meeting withthe coaches to address his lack of production at the plate, Bochy said Sandovalcould benefit from watching a game.

I talked to Pablo and told him thats the plan, to give hima break, Bochy said. Back off a little bit. Hes been pressing. Let him getaway. Hes definitely fighting it and its starting to mount up on him as faras trying too hard.

Lets get him back to being relaxed and having fun. It hasntbeen fun for him the last couple games.

In other pregame news, Xavier Nady ran curves and said hesoptimistic his strained hamstring will be serviceable to start in left fieldover the weekend in Arizona. The Giants will face three left-handers in theseries at Chase Field that begins on Friday.

Theres still a buzz over Guillermo Motas outing fromTuesday night. A lot of folks saw the 3-2 breaking balls he threw and took itas a signal that hes back. Expect to see Mota in more leveraged situations.

Sergio Romo knows all about leverage, too. Hes available,and Bochy said hes very pleased with how Romo has been able to handle beingused more often this season. Hes really held up well with handling what wevethrown at him, Bochy said. Hes been able to go two and three (consecutive)days. Its a credit to his maintenance work.

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