Bumgarner, Kershaw combine for ultra-rare feat

August 21, 2012, 8:23 am
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LOS ANGELES Anyone who watched Madison Bumgarner outduelClayton Kershaw knew that Monday nights game was one that will endure inmemory.

But its doubtful that any of the 36,878 paying customersrealized how special it was.

Bumgarner and Kershaw each struck out 10 and didnt walk abatter in eight innings. Bumgarner was a bit better in the Giants 2-1 victory.

It was only the third time in the live-ball era that twopitchers each compiled at least 10 strikeouts without walking a batter.

Thats right. In at least 91 years of baseball history, overthousands upon thousands of box scores, this has only happened two other times and never before by two left-handed pitchers.

The other instances all involved right-handers.

On July 12, 1997 at Fenway Park, Torontos Roger Clemensstruck out 16 and Aaron Sele struck out 11. The Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 3-1.

And on April 9, 2003 at Wrigley Field, Mark Prior struck out14 in a four-hit shutout. Javier Vazquez struck out 14 in seven innings forMontreal in the Cubs 3-0 victory.

Umpire Derryl Cousins worked third base at Fenway that dayin 1997. He was working first base Monday night.

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