EXTRA BAGGS: Wilson debuts, Giants lead majors in errors, etc.


EXTRA BAGGS: Wilson debuts, Giants lead majors in errors, etc.

DENVER Brian Wilsons season debut had all the drama of anintrasquad game on the back fields at Indian School Park.

Sent out with a mop in a 16-8 game, Wilson allowed a run ona hit and a walk but otherwise looked healthy in the Giants loss to theColorado Rockies Wednesday night.

RECAP: Lincecum rocked, Giants fall to Rockies

Wilson hit 95 mph on the gun and his cutter had goodmovement. Manager Bruce Bochy was glad that Wilson was able to escape his jam,though.

That was his last hitter, Bochy said. I was gonna have togo get him. Im sure he was rusty. But I thought he had a good fastball, goodcutter going.

The Giants are 1-4 and Barry Zito has their only win. Justhow they drew it up.

The Rockies scored 17 runs without a home run. Thats hardto do. They had eight doubles and three triples, though.

Its the most runs the Giants have allowed since Sept. 18,2006 at Coors Field, wouldnt you know.

You bet, Ryan Theriot has played the outfield before. All offive games in 2007.

On the plus side, the Giants have scored at least four runsin each of their first five games. Thats something they havent done since2003, which turned out to be a 100-win season.

One more thing: With 29 runs in five games, the Giantscurrently rank as the highest scoring team in the NL West.

The Giants were the go-go darlings of the Cactus League,stealing 38 bases. But it took until the fourth inning of their fifth game toswipe their first bag of the regular season.

Emmanuel Burriss took second base, and its a good thing hewasnt thrown out, considering the Giants were trailing 6-2 at the time.

The Giants have 10 errors in five games the most in themajor leagues. Second baseman Burrisss error opening the fourth was especiallycostly. And then there was the Brett Pill double-error extravaganza in thefifth.

But Bochy isnt ready to bring out the boys for earlyinfield work.

Naw, its too early, Bochy said. I thought the infieldwas rough in Arizona, so throw that out. Tonight a couple things happened thatshouldnt have happened. But I think well be fine.

It was a good sign that Buster Posey pinch-hit in the lateinnings. The Giants were out of position players and Bochy asked Posey if hecould give him an at-bat. Posey made hard contact on a fly out to the track,too.

Bochy reiterated that Posey would start behind the plateThursday. And the manager also noted that scratching him because of theshingles might have been a blessing in disguise for his left ankle.

The way that game went, I wouldnt have wanted him outthere, Bochy said.

Jeremy Affeldt has allowed 10 baserunners in three inningsthis season and hes making no excuses even with a convenient one at hisdisposal here on the High Plains.

You can say, Oh, its Coors Field. But the reality is, my fastball theyshouldve hit it, Affeldt said. Ive been on the other side and theres justa lot of places the ball can fall here. Youve got to keep it on the ground. Ifyou get the ball in the air, things get really weird here. Ive just gotta makebetter pitches, especially with two outs.

In the Instant Replay story, I tried to sum up thatunfortunate series of defensive events in the fifth inning. Eventually, theofficial scorer ruled that Brett Pill committed two errors on the play.

But in the immediate moments after the play, the scorerstood up, yelled, I quit! and pretended to march out of the press box. Ittook at least 10 minutes to sort through everything and make a ruling.

Meanwhile, the poor guy inputting for MLB Gameday wasworking his first game. I felt bad for him and for the thousands of peoplesquinting at their laptops, wondering how that Jeremy Affeldt-Ramon Hernandezconfrontation could possibly last nearly a half-hour.

Last season, Tim Lincecum allowed eight earned runs in thefirst inning. Total. Hes already allowed five first-inning runs this season.

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Maybe its time for Barry Zito to introduce Tim Lincecum toTom House. (Kidding, I think.)

Lincecum mentioned another Tom prior to the game: TomCruise, in Ghost Protocol. Theyre haircut twins.

Santiago Casilla says he never received offer from Giants

Santiago Casilla says he never received offer from Giants

SAN FRANCISCO — Over the final month of his time with the Giants, it became clear that Santiago Casilla and the team would part ways. On Friday, Casilla confirmed that he never had the opportunity to return. 

On a conference call to announce a two-year deal with the Oakland A’s, Casilla said he “would have been happy to return to the Giants, but I never got an offer from them. I understood.”

Casilla said he had several opportunities to go elsewhere and close, mentioning the Milwaukee Brewers as one interested team. Casilla signed a two-year, $11 million deal with the A’s, who likely won’t need him to pitch in the ninth. The Brewers went on to bring in Neftali Feliz for one year and $5.35 million; he is expected to close. 

“I preferred to return to the Athletics because that’s where my career started,” Casilla said through interpreter Manolo Hernández Douen. “And I’m very excited.”

Casilla spent the first six years of his career with the A’s before crossing the bridge and becoming a key figure in three title runs. In seven seasons in San Francisco, he posted a 2.42 ERA and saved 123 games. Casilla had a 0.92 ERA in the postseason, but he was stripped of a prominent role in the weeks leading up to the 2016 playoffs. 

Casilla, 36, blew nine saves before being pulled from the ninth inning. He appeared just three times in the final 14 regular season games and just once in the playoffs. He did not take the mound in Game 4 of the NLDS, watching as five other relievers teamed up to give back a three-run lead. 

That moment stung Casilla, and it affected Bruce Bochy, too. The Giants struck quickly in December to bring Mark Melancon in as their new closer, but at the Winter Meetings, Bochy said he would welcome Casilla back in a setup role. 

“He’s a great team player (and) teammate,” Bochy said. “(I) certainly wouldn’t rule it out because he still has great stuff. And he had some hiccups there in that closing role, but I would take him anytime.”

As it turned out, that opportunity was never there for Casilla. The Giants didn’t make another move after the big deal with Melancon, and they’ll rely on younger arms to record most of the outs in the seventh and eighth. Casilla said he’s not bitter about the way it all ended. 

“I have left that in the past,” he said. “It’s a new year, it’s a new year. I have left this in the past.” 

Authorities: Two Dodgers security guards arrested, accused of theft


Authorities: Two Dodgers security guards arrested, accused of theft

LOS ANGELES -- Prosecutors say two security guards at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium have been arrested and are accused of stealing equipment, baseballs and jerseys from the major league team to sell online.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office says Juan DeDios Prada and Fernando Sierra pleaded not guilty to burglary and other charges Thursday.

Prosecutors say the two security guards conspired with a third man, Jesse Luis Dagnesses, to steal baseball uniforms and other team merchandise to sell online.

They say Prada and Sierra stole more than $3,400 from a locked equipment room at the stadium between January 2013 and February 2016.

Authorities say Dagnesses is accused of receiving $950 in stolen baseballs and jerseys.

It wasn't immediately clear if the men had attorneys who could comment on the allegations.