Giants lineup vs. Old Man Moyer

April 12, 2012, 4:29 pm
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DENVER -- Jamie Moyer could be doing any number of things today: Crosswords, bocce ball, enjoying a discounted breakfast, buying a LifeAlert bracelet, watching episodes of "Matlock," etc.

Instead, he's pitching in a major league game. At 49 years and 146 days old, Moyer would become the oldest pitcher in big league history to claim a victory if he can beat the Giants today. If he does, no need to panic. He'd set the record again with his next victory, too.

Aubrey Huff is a .391 hitter with three home runs (in 23 at-bats) against Moyer. I'm not sure how many of those at-bats came in the Mesozoic Era, though. Huff is not in the lineup. Bochy wanted to get a start for Brett Pill, and this is the only lefty the Giants face on this season-opening road trip. Pill's double-error last night didn't change Bochy's mind, apparently.

There's one other Giant with numbers against Moyer. Freddy Sanchez is 4 for 9 with a homer, for all the good that'll do.

At least Buster Posey is back in the lineup for the first time since he came down with a case of shingles on Sunday. From everything I can gather, it might take a few weeks before he's feeling 100 percent again.

Angel Pagan is leading off again. He's hitting .111, but behold that .200 OBP!

Also, you'll note that Nate Schierholtz remains in there. Bochy is sticking to his "hit two homers, start the next day" rule. If Schierholtz hadn't hit two homers, we'd probably be seeing Brandon Belt in there somewhere.

CF Pagan
LF Cabrera
3B Sandoval
C Posey
1B Pill
RF Nate
2B Theriot
SS Crawford
P Bumgarner

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